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Chapter 233: Jun Lin Yuan? What's Up With Him?

"You should know who our Boss Jun is. In this world, is there a girl who doesn't like him?"

"Cough cough——" Jun Lin Yuan's face was flushed from coughing. On that shockingly splendid face, blue veins were protruding.

"Don't you see that our Boss Jun is already coughing to this extent? Hurry and care for him!" Feng Xun was unbearably anxious!

Pill Master Ba Junior was truly fearful of Jun Lin Yuan, the kind of deep fear from the depths of his heart towards someone of the highest position that a normal person couldn't easily overcome.

He faced Jun Lin Yuan's eyes——while taking his wrist pulse and couldn't help but trembled!

Seeing this, Feng Xun's complexion immediately turned ugly!

If a pill refining master felt trepidation while taking a pulse, how could he still be counted upon?

At once, Feng Xun was so anxious that he grabbed his own ears and scratched his cheeks as he thought about how Feng Wu's medical expertise was so much more superior. Wouldn't it fine if he just called out for her?

But then he thought again about how much Jun Lin Yuan loathed Feng Wu, and whether Jun Lin Yuan's health would worsen if he saw Feng Wu. He truly felt conflicted enough to kill himself……

Feng Wu didn't know at all that Feng Xun was going through so much psychological drama. She was wandering through Winding Peace City and returned to the tent after circling through town——

"Little Wu, how did it go? Have you found food?"

The moment Feng Wu entered, her mother asked anxiously.

Feng Wu silently supported her forehead. Her mother had never been so concerned about her and her brother before, yet she's now so truly meticulous towards the little tiger cub.

Seeing the little tiger's weak and dispirited manner as it lay on its side in Beautiful Mother's embrace, Feng Wu frowned slightly. "It still hasn't eaten anything?"

She already circled around the city for about an hour.

Her mother anxiously replied. "Exactly. After you left, it just lay on its stomach, chin placed on top of my thigh and fell asleep soundly. From time to time, it even gnawed at the air with its little mouth as it rubbed its tummy. It looks to be starving, but when food was placed in front of it, it just won't eat. Look, look, it doesn't have any strength left and the light in its eyes looks to be fading……"

Feng Wu looked at the various kinds of **porridge which hadn't been touched, looked again at the little tiger so hungry that the light in its eyes was unstable, and at once, she helplessly sighed a long sigh. This little fellow sometimes looked crafty and quick-witted, yet was also sometimes so stubborn.

Huh? Just now, when she passed by, she saw that tiger's elder brother standing on Feng Xun's shoulder. It looked to be full of energy. Could it be that Feng Xun found the right food to feed it?

At once, Feng Wu then lifted the little tiger cub and said to her mother. "I'm going to find Feng Xun and see what food his tiger has been fed. It should also be easier to encourage this little fellow to eat something."

Her mother was excited. "Hurry and go. Hurry and go."

Feng Wu embraced the little fellow and on the way, asked people whether they'd seen Feng Xun.

"Miss Feng, are you asking about Young Prince Feng?" Nanny Qu said. "He's inside the undamaged courtyard next door and is taking care of Crown Prince Jun!"

"Jun Lin Yuan? What's up with him?" Feng Wu subconsciously turned towards Icebound Forest not far away.

That place was originally surging with flames with fumes soaring and smoke rolling thickly. A world drowning in fire which spread fiercely down the mountain. Now, however, as far as the eyes could see, Feng Wu discovered that she didn't know when, but the flourishing fire surprisingly had already been completely extinguished!

The entire mountaintop was as pitch-black as black ink. In all likelihood, not long from now, Icebound Forest would overflow with life once again.

Those torrential rains, one after another, couldn't truly have been drawn there by Jun Lin Yuan, right?

Could human strength go so far as to be capable of surpassing the heavens?

That Jun Lin Yuan's strength……how powerful had it already become actually? !

Feng Wu was entranced thinking about this——

"Miss Feng? Miss Feng!" Nanny Qu rushed to interrupt Feng Wu. "Look, Young Master came out and is standing at the door!"

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