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Chapter 229: Tiger Elder Brother, Tiger Younger Brother

Suddenly, it opened its drowsy eyes. That pair of dark brown eyes looked at Beautiful Mother's. Suddenly, it bit down on Beautiful Mother's finger. Its little teeth were like little grains of rice. Its bite didn't hurt at all and was just a bit itchy.

"It's hungry." Beautiful Mother's pair of watery eyes focused on Feng Wu. "It's very, very hungry and wants to eat……"

Feng Wu scratched her head. "What does it eat?"

Beautiful Mother innocently looked at Feng Wu, shaking her head.

"Newly born little animals should like to drink milk, right? I'll go outside to look for some!" Having said this, Qiu Ling then left energetically.

I heard that Miss Feng's family needed milk. How could the people in Winding Peace City not have a heart?

If it wasn't for Miss Feng Wu's work, more than half of the people in Winding Peace City would've perished. Now, everyone are alive.

Therefore, Winding Peace City's gratitude towards Feng Wu was indeed overflowing through both their words and actions.

Therefore, when Qiu Ling returned, she carried a whole bunch of stiff in her arms. As she walked, she said. "The townspeople were too enthusiastic, cow's milk, sheep's milk, even human milk is here." While Qiu Ling was speaking, she first handed the cow's milk over.

Feng Wu took a white porcelain bowl and dripped a drop of cow's milk on the little tiger's lip.

The little tiger cub's eyes shined. That pink and soft little tongue licked that drop, however, in the next second——on the part of its forehead where the word 'king' was, the forehead wrinkled into the word 'river' (川).

The little tiger cub shot a rejecting glance at Feng Wu and rolled its eyes.

Feng Wu swore that she really saw that little guy roll its eyes.

Only two hours passed since it was born and the little guy that didn't even know how to crawl actually rolled its eyes at her?

"Is cow's milk not good? Then try sheep's milk." Beautiful Mother saw the little tiger cub's frowning face and she felt desperately distressed. Hence, she dripped a drop of sheep's milk on the side of the little tiger cub's lips.

The little tiger carefully licked it and immediately, its little face wrinkled into a bitter melon shape (BB: a bitter melon looks like a very wrinkly cucumber.) Its two very delicate and soft little claws scratched the front lapel of Beautiful Mother's jacket. Its dumpling-like soft round body rubbed back and forth in her mother's embrace like a spoiled child.

Feng Wu. "……"

The little tiger cub rolled its eyes when it didn't like her feeding it, yet the cub acted spoiled when it didn't like what her mother fed it?

How could there be such a difference in treatment from the little thing!

Beautiful Mother's heart transformed after the soft little furry body rubbed against her. Stars appeared in her spirited eyes. As clear as water, those stars sparkled. She said to Feng Wu. "Ooh, it's so cute, so adorable, so soft and charming, oooh~~"

Feng Wu. "Heh heh."

"Cow's milk and sheep's milk both won't do. We can only try human milk. If human milk won't suffice, then what should we do?" Her mother was a bit worried, but she still used human milk and carefully tried it out. Yet the little tiger cub buried its head and won't try it.

Her mother sat on a low stool, and had the little tiger cub face her while sitting on top of her knee. One of her hands supported its head. The other supported its lower back as she spoke in a soft voice, and gently and tenderly coaxed. "Our little tiger, be good, give it a try. Just give it another try, ok?"

Feng Wu helplessly supported her chin. This little thing had barely been born. What could it understand?

However, in the next second, Feng Wu was slapped in the face.

Because the little tiger cub aggrievedly pouted its little mouth as its dark brown eyes contained bubbles of tears. Its little face appeared both tenderly adorable and innocent. That plump little head continually shook. It looked simply……cute enough to take a bite out of!

Just too cute! ! !

"Wow——" Qiu Ling formed her fingers into a heart shape. "How can it be so cute? How can it be so adorable? What it means to have a 'tiger head tiger mind' (TN: chinese expression for someone super cute), I can be considered to have seen it with my own eyes!"

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