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Chapter 230: Little Tiger Cub

Actually, the little tiger was just too cute!

All of the people there were so overwhelmed that they cried out 'wa wa' and wished that they could hug and squeeze it.

Mother's soft voice coaxed the little tiger. "Just try it a little, just try a little bit, is that ok~"

The little tiger cub shook its head and shook it again.

Feng Wu couldn't stand to watch anymore and with a palm, she slapped the little tiger's forehead. "Just eat!"

The little tiger cub was immediately stunned as it stared stupidly and turned towards Feng Wu. For a period of time, it neglected to react. For a period of time, it became completely frozen……

In the next second, after it started to react, it cried loudly 'waaahhh'!

Immediately, everyone at the scene glared full of criticism at Feng Wu!

Feng Wu stroked her nose. "……hey, I was very gentle……"

"Waahh wah wah——" The little tiger acted as if it suffered greatly as it continued to cry loudly 'wah wah'. It hissed when its strength was exhausted and appeared as if it had suffered from abuse!

Feng Wu. "……"

Mother casted a grievous glance at Feng Wu, blaming her. "How could you do that? It's only a child that has just been born, what can it understand?"

Feng Wu almost rolled her eyes. This little house pet didn't understand?

It understood everything, ok?

Feng Wu shot a glance at the little tiger cub.

Sure enough, when Mother was talking to her, this little house pet's two claws were rubbing the rim of its eyes and even paused without crying, until Feng Wu's eyes swung over like a knife, then the little house pet cried loudly again 'WAAHH'.

Feng Wu was getting a bit of a headache and massaged between her eyebrows. What she'd done was to bring a little devil home.

However, only Feng Wu noticed these little details. What everyone else noticed was that the tiger appeared to have suffered endless grievances.

Mother adopted an attitude and pat Feng Wu. "I'm going to see if you still dare to bully it or not."

The sound of the tiger cub's crying clearly lessened.

Beautiful Mother directly looked at Feng Wu. Amazement appeared in her eyes. It couldn't be, right?

Mother pretended to be angry again and swat Feng Wu. "See if you're still going hit it. See if you still dare to strike it——"

The little tiger cub saw Feng Wu getting beaten and stopped crying. Its distinctly black and white eyes which were wet with tear instantly blinklessly watched Feng Wu getting beaten. Suddenly, it opened its mouth, as it used a paw to stroke her, it laughed with 'keh keh' sounds.

Feng Wu. "……"

Was this little thing laughing at her for getting beaten? !

Mother and the others watched in astonishment and were endlessly excited. "Look, it laughed, it laughed. Its laugh was so cute, so adorable!"

Feng Wu was dumbfounded as the corners of her mouth twitched slightly. "Truly a little house pet that holds grudges."

Beautiful Mother carefully and meticulously wiped clean the little tiger's moist tears and very happily comforted Feng Wu. "It's still small and doesn't know anything."

Feng Wu. "……" Could this be called 'doesn't know anything'? This little tiger was almost and expert!

"It's still small yet already knows how to taunt its owner. When it grows up in the future, then what? This won't do, the little tiger cub can't be kept. Let's just throw it out and forget about it." Feng Wu pretended like she's going to take the little tiger cub in her hands.

"Waah——" The little tiger cub's face revealed an alarmed expression as those two little paws grabbed Mother's lapel. With a 'swoosh', it charged inside her jacket and only exposed that shaggy little head and distinctly black and white big eyes. Its big brown eyes were holding in two bubbles of tears and wretchedly gazed at Feng Wu. The two little paws clung very tightly.

Beautiful Mother gently stroked the little tiger cub's fur and softly coaxed. "Don't be nervous, don't be nervous, Little Wu won't throw you away, ok? Come, let's obediently try some breast milk, all right?"

The little tiger pouted its little mouth as tears rolled back and forth on the rim of its eyes, but didn't fall. It was as pitiful as pitiful could be. Listening to Mother's words, it miserably nodded. "Mm mm……"

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