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Chapter 228: Hearts Transformed By Cuteness

Madam Yan watched Yan Yan helplessly.

Did she want to praise Feng Wu? Did she not want to praise her own daughter? But the problem was, did Yan Yan deserve to be praised in the same way?

Madam Yan sized up Yan Yan up and down, left and right, front and back. The more she looked, the more she felt that there wasn't a single good point. The more she observed, the more her eyebrows furrowed and she directly shook her head.

Yan Yan simply couldn't stand it. "Mother, what kind of expression is that?"

Madam Yan. "Sigh. You tell me, besides being able to cultivate, in what way can you compare with Miss Feng?"

Yan Yan was extremely gloomy. "Mother, as turns out, in your heart, is everything about me wrong? Didn't you loathe Feng Wu previously, and felt that she was unbridled, willful, and insufferably arrogant?"

Madam Yan unhappily said. "An incapable person who's unbridled and insufferably arrogant does indeed produce loathing, but she has the capital to act that way. Her arrogance and confidence with justice on her side, what can you do about it?"

Yan Yan was so angry that she stomped her foot. "Are you still my mother? !"

"Exactly because I'm your mother, that's why I'm telling you the truth." Madam Yan kneaded the space between her brows. "You should feel your conscience and ask yourself. Besides being born under favorable condition, what else do you have?"

Yan Yan. "! ! !" Really, her own mother!

"Even though Miss Feng is unable to cultivate, she nevertheless created a new route for herself. Her future prospects are as unfathomably brilliant as before. Even if we don't look at this point and only look at how she saved us several times already, you also shouldn't treat her in that way. In the future, you need to respect her a bit more, understand?" Madam Yan glared at Yan Yan for awhile. "I'm still occupied with your younger aunt's matters. Don't you stir up any trouble for me."

Once she heard this, Yan Yan immediately became excited as she grabbed Madam Yan's hand.
"Mother, was that servant truly dispatched by Concubine Chu? Vile! If I had known earlier, I would've directly put her to death!"

Madam Yan smiled coldly. "Can she still escape this time?"

Madam Yan and Yan Yan's voices gradually receded further away.

And at this moment, inside the tent, Feng Wu heard Madam Yan's words and couldn't help but smile bitterly while shaking her head.

She didn't expect Madam Yan surprisingly could still praise her. That was truly unexpected.

Shaking her head, after she cleared her mind of these thoughts, Feng Wu resolved to start using the Dragon Tongue Spirit Grass to treat Madam Ning.

The Dragon Tongue Spirit Grass' juice glistened fresh and green producing a fragrant scent which assailed the nostrils when simmered by Feng Wu.

"Feed this to her." Feng Wu levelly instructed Nanny Qu.

Nanny Qu stepped forward hurriedly and fed Madam Ning the medicine spoonful by spoonful.

Feng Xun nervously stared at Feng Wu. "Is my aunty all right?"

Feng Wu took her little tiger cub from Feng Xun's hands and replied unhurriedly. "After one hour, Madam Ning will wake up. However, her body is very weak right now and her spirit qi has seriously diminished. Her health is too weak to handle strong tonics, therefore, feed her some liquid food, for example, plain rice congee should be fine. I'll come to see her tomorrow."

After she spoke, Feng Wu then hugged her own little tiger cub and left.

Feng Wu's little tiger cub was especially small, probably because it was born prematurely. Up until now, its eyes had always been closed as it opened its mouth here and there. That appearance was extremely innocent.

"Oh? Little tiger?" When Feng Wu and Qiu Ling were returning, her mother sat and embroidered in boredom. Seeing the little tiger in Feng Wu's hand's cute, adorable appearance that pair of incredibly beautiful eyes immediately shined.

Feng Wu said. "This little guy has just been born not even two hours ago. After its mom died, I brought it into the world surgically. If we didn't discover the little guy at the time, it would've lost its life."

Hearing Feng Wu say this, Beautiful Mother's maternal love overflowed and loved the little tiger cub dearly. She quickly extended her slim, lily white hands to hold the little tiger cub and flipped its palm sized body over. With its belly facing up, two little paws rested by its cheeks. It slept cutely, adorably. Everybody's hearts were moved by how cute it was.

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