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Chapter 225: Have I Seen You Before?

"Who poisoned Madam Ning, is it clear yet?" Feng Wu asked.

Nanny Qu's face exposed a tinge of awkwardness.

Up until now, this matter was still unsolved.

Feng Wu laughed faintly. "Previously, I didn't clarify. The poison in Madam Ning is slow and patient. It didn't flare up previously. However, after she gave birth to the babies, it was stimulated. If I haven't guessed incorrectly, that faintly pink, elegant pot of tulip flowers inside the tent——"

Nanny Qu's eyes flashed instantly!

She finally figured out the obvious crucial point in the matter!

"The tulips were brought from the outside and arranged by Little Jing. She even especially placed it beside Madam Ning's bed and said that she heard that smelling the tulips' fragrance will allow Madam Ning and the two babies to sleep a bit better. Indeed, after these flowers were placed there, the two babies haven't fussed at all……" Nanny Qu's brain started to open. "Little Jing isn't a generational servant. She was purchased from the outside. If someone wanted to kill Madam Ning and the babies, then it clearly should be Concubine Chu!"

Feng Wu knew that this was Madam Ning's family matters. She already respected Feng Xun enough by point out these things.

Feng Wu took the two little tiger cubs and delivered them into Feng Xun's hands. When she got ready to enter the tent, a shout of alarm arrived from inside——

"It's no good, no good, the Madam is unconscious! Someone come! Help——" Feng Wu glanced Nanny Qu.

Nanny Qu's teeth itched from regret. "That's Little Jing!"

Feng Wu uttered an 'oh' and immediately lifted open the curtain to enter. The weak Madam Ning closed her eyes tightly, her complexion pale and devoid of blood. Her breath was feeble, as if she already died.

Seeing that Feng Wu came, Madam Yan rushed to stand up as her eyes appealed towards Feng Wu, brimming with hope. "……"

Not that long ago, Madam Yan ridiculed and disdained Feng Wu in all sorts of ways, but now, she already considered Feng Wu to be her last hope.

"Miss Feng……can you save her? Will you be able to save her?" Madam Yan's eyes were brimming with entreaty.

By the side, Yan Yan bit her lower lip, her head hung low.

Feng Wu didn't have time to answer Madam Yan's question. She only said to Feng Xun. "Find my family's Qiu Ling. I need her as my assistant."


Feng Xun left as fast as lightning!

Because of Feng Wu's previous achievements, after Winding Peace City's adult residents built up the tent, they invited Madam Feng and the rest of the family to stay at a separate spacious area inside.

Fortunately, Feng Wu made preparations earlier and had her mother wear a black veiled hat along their entire journey, covering up that beautiful appearance. Therefore, they didn't invite any other problems.

As Qiu Ling and the rest of them were nervously waiting for news, Feng Xun suddenly rushed inside and grabbed Qiu Ling. He turned his head to say to Madam Feng. "I'm borrowing Qiu Ling!"

He immediately pulled Qiu Ling away!

During this short period of time, Qiu Ling was constantly hiding behind Feng Xun, because originally, when they were at Cloud Gathering Pavillion, Feng Wu played the role of an ugly girl while she played the role of the maid beside the ugly girl.

Afterwards, her lady reminded her thousands of times, admonished her that by no means must she expose any clues regarding their identities that day to Feng Xun. Therefore, these days, Qiu Ling had continually hid from Feng Xun and prevented herself from coming in contact with him.

Feng Xun grabbed Qiu Ling and observed how this girl was like a little quail that withdrew its head. Her timid appearance and eyes even looked down and totally didn't dare to look at him face to face.

"Am I very scary?" Feng Xun subconsciously stroked that pure and elegant face of his. He's clearly quite handsome.

Qiu Ling's head was still withdrawn and didn't utter a single word.

"Have I seen you before?"

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