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Chapter 226: Spy

A light suddenly flashed in Feng Xun's mind, but that insight flashed by too quickly, so fast that he wasn't able to seize upon it.

Qiu Ling's heart shrunk in fear!

My god, it can't be. If she exposed a mistake, then she's afraid the lady would be……trouble would head her way? How could Feng Wu's personal maid not be intelligent?

Thinking of this, Qiu Ling quickly raised her head and faced Feng Xun's pensive eyes. Her heart bathumped. If discovered by him, the consequences were too horrible to contemplate!

She had to cut off his train of thought, and interfere with his thinking!

At once, Qiu Ling fiercely pushed Feng Xun and harshly questioned. "Why did you grab me? ! Why did you want to grab me! Ah! Save me! Forcefully snatching a girl! ! !"

Feng Xun originally almost grabbed a trace of insight, but with this yell of Qiu Ling, any of his enlightenment immediately disappeared!

He immediately covered Qiu Ling's mouth and fiercely glared at her. "What are you screaming for? Who's snatching a common girl? Besides, if I want to rob somebody, it'd be a young lady from your family, what's up with snatching you!"

Currently, Qiu Ling's only intent was to disrupt Feng Xun's thoughts. Thus, she screamed out loud. "What? You want to snatch my family's young lady? ! Oh my god! How can you do this? ! Are you even a young prince! You even behave like this? !"

If Qiu Ling said something else, Feng Wu wouldn't have disputed her, but now, this involved his character and reputation, how could Feng Xun not care?

What he cared about the most was precisely reputation.

At once, Feng Xun resolutely disputed Qiu Ling.

And Qiu Ling deliberately stuck with her act as she distorted the truth. Feng Xun was so angry that his teeth itched. How could he still think about where he'd seen Qiu Ling before.

What a close call……Qiu Ling rubbed her wildly beating heart. Fortunately, she'd jumped over this obstacle.

Eventually, Feng Xun brought Qiu Ling inside the tent.

"Is my mother doing ok?" While Feng Wu was outside, her heart was always hung up on her beautiful mother, afraid that she's not doing well in some way.

Feng Xun playfully answered. "Little Wu, hey, Little Wu, why do I feel that your mother's not like a mother at all. It seemed as if you're raising a four or five year old young daughter. Haha ha——"

Feng Wu wasn't in a good mood as she shot a glance at him. "Your paternal aunt is lying here, life or death unknown, yet you can still laugh?"

Feng Xun immediately held his laughter and became grim at once. "How's my aunt? The poison in her body?"

"The poison in her body has dissolved and become very troublesome, but because we knew what the poison is as well as its trigger, it won't be too troublesome." After speaking, Feng Wu extracted some blood from Madam Ning and dropped it into a medicinal liquid compound with Nine Mysteries Earth as its base.

"As expected, it's Remotely Congealed Fragrance poison. That's interesting." Feng Wu laughed faintly. "A lingering scent will remain on the fingers of people who's come in contact with Remotely Congealed Fragrance poison——"

Little Huan standing by Madam Ning's side subconsciously moved her fingers——and caught Feng Wu's sight. Little Huan's heart was abruptly startled as she swung a dagger from inside the sleeve of her robe and advanced towards Madam Ning who's lying on the bed and aimed to pierce the space between her eyebrows!

Her speed was fast, so fast that people nearly couldn't respond!

Fortunately, Feng Wu was already prepared. Just as the dagger flew out, the medicinal concoction in Feng Wu's hand was flung out immediately!

The concoction and dagger collided in midair, producing a sharp and acute sound.

Nanny Qu was stupefied by this scene before her!

Originally, after she received Feng Wu's hint, she'd always thought that the weapon by Madam Ning's side was Little Jing, and she didn't expect that it'd be Little Huan, who'd always been so clever that she was unnoticeable!

Little Huan's strike missed, so she wanted to run, however, with Feng Xun present, how could she run?

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