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Chapter 224: Jun Lin Yuan Took Responsibility for the People of the World

"Huh?" Feng Xun was confused and pointed at his own nose. "How did I dig a pit for you? I've always been helping you, little Feng Wu, as a human being, you need to lean on your conscience. Tell me, how did I dig you a hole?"

"How have you dug me a hole? You keep saying that I like Jun Lin Yuan……"

"So then, you actually want to be secretly in love, yet I brought your secret love out into the open?"

"No!" The Feng Wu who'd always been calm and unruffled was currently so flummoxed that she directly stomped her foot. "I already told you in a hundred ways. I don't like Jun Lin Yuan. I can swear to the heavens. If I'm lying, I'll be struck by lightning——" Feng Wu's voice just fell——

"Careful! ! !" Feng Xun's complexion changed as he abruptly raised his hand to pull Feng Wu over!

And the place that Feng Wu was standing at had already been hacked and scorched black by a sudden clap of thunder and lightning from the sky.

Feng Wu. "……"

Feng Xun. "……"

The two people's souls were scared silly as they looked at one another——

Their expressions were extremely strange……


"Haha haha haha haha—-" Feng Xun exploded and laughed his head off. He wrapped around his stomach and nearly rolled on the ground. "This is really too funny haha haha ha……Little Feng Wu, I dare you to be a phony again, I dare you to saying something when you feel something else again ha haha haha——"

Feng Wu took in a deep breath, then took in another deep breath, yet it was still difficult to keep down those sullen, unyielding feelings in the pit of her stomach.

How could there be such a coincidence?

Just when she finished saying that sentence, the lightning struck?

It completely seemed as if someone caused it!

She raised her head and gazed at the sky!

The originally deep blue sky was already covered densely with black clouds at the moment. Dark pressures blanketed downwards, an atmosphere of gloomy, heavy haze!

Heavy rain poured down in torrents. Within the scene of inexhaustible rain, a pitch black figure could be seen in midair at the distance.

Jun Lin Yuan——he really was using one person's power to move all the water on heaven and earth in order to extinguish the violently erupting volcano.

From Feng Wu's impression in the past, this Crown Prince Jun had always been cold and detached, indifferent, ruthless, bloodthirsty, having a heart of stone, iron blood flowing in his veins.

But she didn't expect that so as to prevent the unrestrained fires from spreading down the mountain and bring disaster to the villages and farms at the foot of the mountain, while he was injured, he still gathered and exhausted his all of his strength in order to move the rain.

This Jun Lin Yuan who took it upon himself to save the world's people was someone who Feng Wu had never seen before.

Because her previous impression of him had always been 'care about the flood after me', that kind of Jun Lin Yuan.

Still, this truly……caused a person to change her point of view, Feng Wu silently thought in her heart.

By the side, Feng Xun didn't know at all that Feng Wu's heart had turned by a few degrees. He was still laughing his head off. "You still say that you don't like Jun Lin Yuan? How long have you been staring at him? You look at him so much that your eyes seem to be glued to his body. Geez, they can't even be pulled out, little girl."

Feng Wu. "……"

In any case, no matter how she tried to clear things up, Feng Xun would still maintain that she liked Jun Lin Yuan. Feng Wu also no longer felt like explaining so as to avoid infuriating herself.

It's just that in the future, she'd still need to find Jun Lin Yuan and properly explain things to him, that's all.

After she'd made her decision, Feng Wu set this matter aside for the time being.

Because the most important matter right now was to treat Madam Ning's illness.

Nanny Qu was personally standing guard at Winding Peace City's gates. As she waited anxiously, she was waiting while walking back and forth.

"Why are they still not back? Almost six hours had passed, why are they still not back……something shouldn't have happened on the mountain, right?" Just when Nanny Qu could no longer stand the anxiety, inside Icebound Forest, a volcano erupted!

Nanny Qu's legs weakened and she nearly kneeled down——

What she depended on the most right now was Feng Wu's medical expertise. Absolutely nothing could happen to her at this time——

Fortunately, not long after, Feng Wu and Feng Xun came back.

"Miss Feng! You're back? ! Are you ok? !" Nanny Qu had always been solemn, but at this moment, she couldn't help but be emotional.

Feng Wu shook her head. "Oh yeah, who poisoned Madam Ning. Has it been investigated?"

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