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Chapter 222: I Swear, I Really Don't Like Jun Lin Yuan!

Feng Wu and Jun Lin Yuan's complexions simultaneously changed!

"Who'd be a match with him/her!"

Feng Wu and Jun Lin Yuan spoke in unison, ice-cold gazes glared at Feng Xun!

Feng Xun scratched his head. "……"

In that gloomy, ruthless gaze of Jun Lin Yuan, there appeared a tinge of indignance. With his face kept down, the atmosphere was extremely thick.

"Go down the mountain." Jun Lin Yuan's pitch-black eyes were dangerous and falcon-like.

"Uh……" Feng Xun stroked his nose, but there was something he still couldn't figure out. Based on Jun Lin Yuan's strength, how could that little tiger bite through his defenses?

Truly was something he couldn't figure out no matter how he thought about it.

Feng Xun and Feng Wu was going down the mountain, but Jun Lin Yuan stayed where he was.

"Boss Jun?" Feng Xun asked in confusion. "Are you not leaving?"

Jun Lin Yuan's dark eyes were bitingly cold, sharp like a falcon's. His thin lips opened slightly. "If I leave, who'll put out this mountain full of fire?"

Feng Xun still wanted to talk, but Jun Lin Yuan nobly shook his head.

Jun Lin Yuan was dressed in a black robe, but when Feng Wu passed by him, she could still smell the obvious scent of blood. It wasn't the Blood Demon Dragon's blood, rather, I belonged to Jun Lin Yuan.

He must be wounded.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu looked at Jun Lin Yuan, wanted to say something but hesitated. "You……do you need your wound treated?" Feng Wu subconsciously asked.

In all honesty, she only felt thankful to Jun Lin Yuan for saving her previously and didn't want to owe him a favor. That's why she took the initiative to make this suggestion.

Jun Lin Yuan's pair of dangerous and falcon-like sharp eyes instantly didn't wink and stared at Feng Wu. The depths of his eyes were hidden and profound. Suddenly, he curved his thin lips and smiled yet didn't smile. "You love me that dearly?"

Instantly, Feng Wu's breath got caught in her throat, unable to move up or down!

Love dearly? !

What a narcissistic Jun Lin Yuan, sigh. Which of his eyes saw that she loved him dearly?

She was merely returning a favor.

Returning a favor, understand? !

On Feng Wu's exceptional and gorgeous face, because of her anger, on her pink skin, there appeared a faint red. She actually appeared exceptionally tender, charming and adorable, adding a bit of incredible beauty.

Feng Wu took in a deep breath. "I'm merely……yawn!"

Volcano ashes flew randomly everywhere, so that when Feng Wu breathed in a deep breath, it made her immediately want to sneeze. That appearance looked as depressing as could be. Feng Xun also could no longer stand to continue watching……

"No need to explain." Jun Lin Yuan didn't even look at Feng Wu and only waved at Feng Xun.

Feng Xun knowingly pulled Feng Wu and rushed down the mountain. "Let's go, let's go! The volcano is still erupting, ashes are flying everywhere. There's still that ocean of flames as far as the eyes can see. Run quickly!"

Feng Wu pushed Feng Xun away. She wanted to explain clearly!

She truly didn't like Jun Lin Yuan!

This point could no longer be misunderstood. If not, it'll only be more and more troublesome in the future!

"But……yawn!" Feng Wu just started to open her mouth when another mouthful of volcanic ash poured in again.

Feng Xun had not choice but to say. "Didn't you say that my young aunt only had six hours left to live? Currently, more that four hours has already passed. Do you truly not intend to save her?"

"Ah!" Not until now did Feng Wu remember this matter!

"Right, Madam Ning……Madam Ning won't be able to hold on much longer! Let's hurry!" Feng Wu pulled Feng Xun. While holding a little tiger cub, she rushed down the mountain.

On the way, Feng Wu still couldn't help but open her mouth. "Young Prince Feng——"

"What's up?" Feng Xun wasn't happy as he harrumphed.

"I'm telling you this matter very seriously!" As she ran, Feng Wu fixed her gaze on Feng Xun. "In regards to Jun Lin Yuan, I truly……"

"Ah, hurry and look!" Feng Xun turned his head and watched the mountain range not far away. Torrents of rain fell from the sky there. The originally raging flames over Icebound Forest were currently subsiding at a speed clearly visible to the naked eye.

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