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Chapter 221: Match Made In Heaven

Feng Xun was exceedingly happy. "Haha ha this is actually the Glory Overlord Tiger's offspring! Little Wu, do you know? The Glory Overlord Tiger is actually Icebound Forest's ruler, alas! Fortunately, there just happen to be two of them here, the two of us——"

"Let me see." An ice-cold voice sounded. Feng Xun subconsciously turned around. That little Glory Overlord Tiger in his hand was then lifted into Jun Lin Yuan's hand.

"Ah, Boss Jun, it's still so small, you shouldn't lift it like that. It'll damage……ah!" Feng Xun cried out in alarm!

Because while he was watching helplessly, that little Glory Overlord Tiger unexpectedly targeted the back of Jun Lin Yuan's hand and bit down!

What made him even more speechless was that the back of Jun Lin Yuan's hand was even truly bleeding from the bite.

Feng Xun cried out in alarm. "Boss Jun! You you you……how can you be bitten by this little tiger? What happened to your defensive ability? !"

Jun Lin Yuan confidently proclaimed. "Oh, I received an injury."

Feng Xun raised his hand and took back the little tiger. "Boss Jun, you've been injured. Let me hold on to this little tiger……"

However, Feng Xun's words had barely dropped when he saw a scene that depressed and frustrated him for the rest of his life!

Between that little tiger and Jun Lin Yuan, unexpectedly, three golden rays of light appeared and flickered!

One ray pointed at the little tiger's forehead. One pointed at Jun Lin Yuan's forehead and the last one pointed between them. The three golden lights flickered in a triangular pattern!

The golden lights were dazzling!

Their souls moved!

"This is……this is……" Feng Xun swallowed saliva with difficulty. "This is a contract!"

One after another complicated rune radiated between them, magnificently dazzling, very painfully piercing people's eyes! Feng Xun's eyes were even more painful——

He was so envious he was almost driven mad. "This is Icebound Forest's ruler's little tiger cub. Furthermore, there's already the word 'king' on it right at birth. It'll definitely be incredible in the future. Argh ah argh ah, it was originally in my hands, argh argh argh ah ah ah——"

Feng Xun's mind suddenly moved!

There's nothing he could do about the one with Boss Jun, but there's another one in Feng Wu's hands!

Just when Feng Xun turned his head and wanted to make a grab for Feng Wu's little tiger, just at that second!


That little tiger cub also followed the other one's example and bit down on the palm of Feng Wu's hand. A drop of concentrated blood emerged——

At once, Feng Xun felt as if he was struck by lightning and thunder!

Was even this little tiger cub bullying him? ! ! !

If the previous little tiger cub were to be said to have a toned, small, cute face, then this little tiger cub in Feng Wu's hand had an adorably plump, artless, cute face.

It wasn't the least bit shy with strangers as it looked for the most comfortable position in Feng Wu's hand and laid on its stomach while its little pouting mouth sucked the blood from the wound in Feng Wu's palm……

And between it and Feng Wu appeared an equivalent triangular shaped golden rays of light.

Magnificently dazzling for a moment, piercing people's eyes.

Feng Xun. "……" Why did he feel like he was bullied?

Feng Xun felt secretly bitter as he casted a glance at Jun Lin Yuan. "If you didn't come, it'd be me and Little Wu who each gets one. I'll raise the male and she'll raise the female, how well matched that would be. I could even take advantage of the more frequent interactions when we raise the little tigers to deepen feelings between us. Boss Jun, do you know that you're ruining the relationship of two people destined by fate……"

The corners of Jun Lin Yuan's mouth curved into a smile that's not a smile, as if he's sneering, also as if he's smiling coldly.

Feng Wu wasn't happy as she casted a glance at Feng Xun. "The older tiger is male. The second also is a male. Also, Feng Xun, you're too dramatic.Are you aware of this?"

The corners of Jun Lin Yuan's mouth curved into a calm and composed demonic smile. "After they'd been baptized in the Glory Distinct Fire, the bodies of these two Glory Overlord Tiger cubs mutated in a difficult to imagine manner. Their future potentials are unlimited."

After he finished speaking, Feng Wu and Jun Lin Yuan looked at each other and smiled. After that, they looked at Feng Xun beamingly.

Feng Xun felt even more like the two of them teamed up to bully him. "Hey!" Feng Xun was so angry he directly vented steam. "United against a common foe, acting in collusion, flowing through the same polluted water, joining hands to bully me! The two of you currently look especially like a match made in heaven, alright? !"

Feng Wu and Jun Lin Yuan were simultaneously startled as both of their complexions changed.

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