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Chapter 223: I'm Dying Because of the Pit That You Dug!

"What're you saying just now?" Feng Xun turned his head and gazed at Feng Wu.

"I said, the way I feel about your Boss Jun is truly not the way that you imagine!" Feng Wu really wanted to clearly explain this matter.

"So what's it like?" Feng Xun was puzzled.

"I don't like him at all." Feng Wu focused her attention on Feng Xun's eyes and held it there for a moment, expressing her utmost seriousness. As she was talking, she even raised her right hand. "Absolutely true! Completely sincerely!"

Feng Xun looked at Feng Wu like he's looking at an idiot, following which he turned and left.

Feng Wu blanked out……

What kind of a reaction as that?

Feng Xun's reaction, maybe he believed, or maybe he didn't believe her, but this reaction of turning and leaving……what did it mean?

Feng Wu wasn't able to make sense of it.

Thereupon she chased after him with quick steps, pulled at Feng Xun's arm and asked. "What did you mean?"

Feng Xun's pair of deep eyes stared at Feng Wu. After he stared at her for three seconds, he proceeded to shake her off and continued moving forwards.

Feng Wu blanked out again then grabbed at Feng Xun. "Wait wait, did you believe me or not?"

Feng Xun took in a deep breath and used a gaze of disappointment towards her for not improving herself. He looked at Feng Wu helplessly, there was even a bit of sympathy and pity in his eyes. Even more so, there was some distress and a look of tenderness towards her.

Feng Wu was stupefied. "……"

Even though she couldn't tell what he was thinking in those deep eyes, because she couldn't keep up with the way his brain short circuits. However, Feng Wu still felt a kind of very bad premonition.

Indeed, Feng Xun sighed deeply and solemnly said to Feng Wu. "Little Wu, will you listen to Elder Brother Feng's truthful words?"

Feng Wu's beautiful, spirited deep eyes gazed at Feng Xun, a question mark hung on her forehead.

"Elder Brother Feng has seen lots of people like you, sigh, they're all the same as you. Their mouths say that they swear that they won't like Jun Lin Yuan in the future, however, once Boss Jun appears, they become insane anyway, as they wail and throw themselves at him. Each of you young girls are the same." Feng Xun looked at Feng Wu with pity.

Feng Wu: "! ! !"

Feng Xun pat Feng Wu's head. "Therefore, if you like him then you like him, don't deceive others and deceive yourself. You have to fight for your own happiness. Don't worry, your Elder Brother Feng will help you, sigh~"

Feng Wu: "! ! !"

She breathed in deeply, then took another deep breath before she could refrain from slapping Feng Xun's back.

Feng Xun's short circuited brain, how could it be so unlike normal people's? ! She dared to swear to the heavens that she truly, truly, truly doesn't like Jun Lin Yuan! God, she truly doesn't! ! !

But no matter how she explained, no matter how she made things clear, Feng Xun still seriously believed that she already liked Jun Lin Yuan……

What's most frightening was that——

When Feng Wu thought about the sentence that Jun Lin Yuan spoke previously on the mountain——

His originally as sharp as a knife blade's eyes were at that time, hidden in depth and absolutely beautiful, very deep, very bright as they gazed at her. 'Do you love me that dearly?'

Feng Wu: "! ! !"

She was just returning a favor. How did that become loving dearly? Besides her relatives, only when she liked someone would she express dear love, Jun Lin Yuan, he……shouldn't have been brainwashed by Feng Xun and thought that she felt deep rooted love towards him, right?

Thinking of this kind of possibility, Feng Wu only felt her face flush red. She cried 'woohoo' and facepalmed herself with both hands, looked up at the sky and wept——

Feng Xun was puzzled as he watched Feng Wu by his side.

Just now,within a very short one minute, the expressions on Feng Wu's face changed at least five times. It changed back and forth like a rainbow, quite interestingly.

"Little Feng Wu——" Feng Xun still hadn't finished speaking when Feng Wu glared at him panting with rage.

"Feng Xun! I'm dying because of the pit that you dug!"

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