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Chapter 220: Little Tiger

Just when Feng Wu was going to open up the Glory Overlord Tiger's belly, her eyes instantly opened wide!

Because she saw that a small black hole unexpectedly appeared on the tiger's belly. Moreover, this black hole surprisingly held a flame——

"Ah ah ah ah ——-"

That Rainbow Phoenix inside Feng Wu's dimensional space excitedly clenched its fists tightly as it yelled loudly. "That's precisely it! That's precisely it! That's precisely it! ! ! Glorious Distinct Fire! It's actually in this Glory Overlord Tiger's belly ah haha——"

Feng Wu's eyes moved. Could there be such a coincidental matter? What was this called? To travel far and wide looking for something only to find it in one's backyard.

Feng Wu put her hands together in prayer and spoke an apology to the Glory Overlord Tiger. Soon after, she took out a dagger from inside her sleeve and aimed at the Glory Overlord Tiger's very, very thick belly. She then cut it open.

Fortunately, the tiger was already dead at this moment, so its body's automatic defensive system also already faded away. Otherwise, with Feng Wu's current cultivation, she certainly wouldn't have been able to cut into its abdomen.

Next, that very small black hole was enlarged along the vein lines on its skin.

It's just that just when she started cutting, the expression on her face was somewhat peculiar.

"What's up?" Feng Xun subconsciously asked.

"We seemed to have hit the jackpot……" Feng Wu spoke very slowly, somewhat having a hard time believing——

"What jackpot?" Feng Xun subconsciously asked.

Feng Wu replied. "The Glory Overlord Tiger indeed already died, however, this is a tigress. Moreover, it's even a tigress that's pregnant with child."

"Ah!" Feng Xun cried out in surprise. "You, you, you mean to say! There's a young animal inside this tiger's belly? Moreover, it's even alive right now? !"

Feng Wu nodded her head. "I can feel its life force and breath, strange, the glorious Distinct Fire drilled itself inside, but the little baby tiger surprisingly could still live?"

Feng Xun also felt endlessly amazed. "Just as I said before! The Glory Overlord Tiger is Icebound Forest's ruler, how can it lose to the Blood Demon Dragon! So it turned out that it's because it's pregnant! That's right, Little Wu, you have to hurry up, the blaze above is going to burn here soon. It's only a distance of less than a kilometer away!"

As Feng Wu dissected with completely focused attention, she was nodding. "I know, I'll be quick."

Because the Glory Overlord Tiger was already dead, she didn't need to care about making the cut look pretty or otherwise, therefore, Feng Wu sliced apart a very big opening——

Feng Wu's pair of hands took out a tiny baby tiger from inside the tiger's belly.

The little baby tiger just delivered through C-section with its tiny head, tiny body, tiny limbs, eyes still closed, little face stretched taut, little pouty mouth looking everywhere to feed, especially its entirely pure white body and a little word 'king'* was even stamped on its forehead.

(*TN: In Chinese, the character for 'king' is '王', which resembled the stripes on the baby tiger's head.)

The originally serious ruler of Icebound Forest currently looked very cute and only felt very adorable.

With one look, Feng Xun's heart totally softened. "This this this……this little baby tiger has been licking the palm of my hand. What should I do? What should I feed it?"

Feng Wu was going to reply, but suddenly, her heart jumped. "Something's wrong!"

"What's wrong now?" Feng Xun mindlessly asked.

Feng Wu didn't reply as her hand continued to fish inside the Glory Overlord Tiger's body. Very soon, she then fished out a second little baby tiger.

This little baby tiger was also pure white in color and was almost exactly the same as the previous one. It's just that the word '王' on its forehead was short the last stroke.

Feng Wu spoke somewhat regretfully. "These two Overlord Tigers hasn't reached full-term, especially this little one. Its word 'king' still hasn't formed properly, yet it couldn't help not being born. I'm afraid its body is going to be a bit weak."

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