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Chapter 22

Chapter 22: Mm Hm!

"Right! My Senior Martial Sister Zuo Qing Luan is quite powerful now!" Fairy Mu Yao's eyes shined, containing a complacency derived from pride. "She entered Jade Palace at the age of eight and joined the Spirit Expert ranks by the age of nine. At ten years old, she placed first on the Spirit Expert ranks, at eleven years old, she entered the Spirit Ancestor ranks and by twelve years old she obtained third place in the Spirit Ancestor ranks. Now, she's already thirteen years old and our princess had already said that my Senior Martial Sister could very well obtain first place in the Spirit Ancestor rankings this year!"

"Wow, that's certainly incredible, she's actually the same level as some of us. Feng Xun admiringly said. "She's going to be a top figure. Looks like we'll need to put in more effort, so that she won't pass us by one day."

Fairy Mu Yao complacently raised her chin. "My master said Senior Sister Zuo is the most perceptive, most gifted disciple among her disciples. Master even frequently lamented that it's a good thing the one she accepted that year was Senior Sister Zuo, and

not the other person."

"The other person?" Feng Xun was curious. "Who?"

Fairy Mu Yao sneered. "Who else can it be but Feng Wu? It's precisely the gifted young girl from the capital during that time. Now, she's North Border City's famous young cripple."

Xuan Yi frowned as he glanced at Fairy Mu Yao.

Fairy Mu Yao smiled again. "I didn't grow up in the capital when I was younger, so I don't know, but didn't you guys grow up in the capital? Can it be that you weren't acquainted with Feng Wu at the time?"

"How could we not be acquainted?" Feng Xun wasn't happy as he said. "Speaking of which, at that time, Feng Wu, that girl……her rise was truly cut short. She was already a beauty at a very young age. That appearance was exquisite like she was carved out of fine jade, her skin looked better than cosmetics, it's as creamy as snow reflecting the sun, so beautiful! One couldn't help but want to kidnap her home to be their beloved younger sister!"

Feng Wu sitting by the side lowered her head, and silently scooped rice into her mouth.

She didn't hear anything……didn't her anything……

Who didn't talk about other people behind their backs? Who wasn't talked about by

by others behind their backs? But you people are gossiping about someone right in her face, was this truly gentlemanly? Fortunately, she was currently disguised as a common, ordinary girl, otherwise……sigh.

Feng Wu attempted to change the subject. "The Hooting Blood Elk's roasted legs are especially flavorful, Butler Feng's skills are outstanding. You guys want a taste?" After that, please don't continue to gossip about me, ok?

However, the table full of people all ignored her as they continued to talk about Feng Wu in those days.

Fairy Mu Yao was somewhat unhappy as she propped her chin in her hands. That pair of phoenix eyes* stared at Feng Wun. "Was Feng Wu very beautiful as a child? Do you think that after she grew up, she's as beautiful as me?"

(* TN: phoenix eyes are eyes that slant upwards at the ends.)

In regards to her appearance, Fairy Mu Yao was very confident about it. As Jade Palace's Holy Lady, her looks was second only to the goddess like Zuo Qing Luan. Other people could not compare to her.

Feng Xun quickly scanned over Fairy Mu Yao as he raised his brows devoid of good opinions and asked. "Do you really want to know?"

"Mm hm! Please speak Young Prince, I want to

want to hear the truth!" Fairy Mu Yao requested seriously as her pair of watery sparkling eyes stared wide and round, looking expectantly for Feng Xun to compliment her.

Feng Xun thought to himself, since you're not afraid to hear it, then I'd certainly tell it like it is. "I don't know if Feng Wu's current appearance's been destroyed now. In any case, based on her complexion in those days, this appearance of yours, I'm afraid it's not even qualified to serve as her maid." While Feng Xun shook his head, he recalled what the young maid by Feng Wu's side at that time looked like. She was also quite pretty.

"You!" Fairy Mu Yao had truly been, angered, now!

She was so angry her eyes turned red and tears almost violently gushed forth.

Feng Xun didn't know that it turns out that when girls want to cry, tears actually just flowed. He was actually frightened off. "Hey! It's you who wanted me to tell me to tell the truth, so I told it as it is. I didn't lie to you. If you don't believe it, ask your cousin. Xuan Yi, don't you play dead. Why don't you speak up, when Feng Wu was a child, was she not very beautiful? That's right, Young Second Xuan, if I remembered correctly, at that time, you actually praised her. You said that when Little Feng Wu grows up, she'd surely be very beautiful, right?"

Feng Wu inhaled a deep mouthful of air. "……." These people, how could they love gossiping so much? How could the guy whose face was as stiff as a board since he was young say this kind of thing? This is simply……

"Mm hm." Xuan Yi nodded his head.

Author's note. PS: I'm not requesting much for this new book. I beg for your recommendation, beg for your tips, beg for a five star rating~~~~

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