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Chapter 23

Chapter 23: The Young Genius Feng Wu

"Mm Hm." Yuan Yi nodded his head.

Everyone momentarily became quiet, not a sound could be heard.

Jun Lin Yuan was gracefully eating, as before, however, his eyes took a profound glance at Xuan Yi, his appearance uniquely charming and godly, frowning slightly.

Fairy Mu Yao stared at Xuan Yi, wanting to cry, but had no tears. "Even though Young Prince is bullying me, you're still my cousin, why would even you bully me boo hoo hoo———-"

Feng Xun complacently raised his brows. "You see? I wasn't wrong, right? Second Young Xuan actually complemented her before!"

Fairy Mu Yao was fuming with rage between gritted teeth, she turned her head panting with rage, and caught the silent Feng Wu off guard.

Was Feng Wu ridiculing her? !

Fairy Mu Yao glared at Feng Wu extremely angrily. "What are you looking at! Even if I'm not as good

looking as Feng Wu, I'm still a thousand times, ten thousand times better looking than you, you mud duck!"

Feng Wu was gnawing on a piece of beef bone in her mouth, and couldn't help but look at Fairy Mu Yao who suddenly flipped out on her, remaining silent and looking at the sky……who did she provoke?

Looking at Feng Wu's innocent appearance, Feng Xun unhappily glared at Fairy Mu Yao. "You're attacking her personally? Even though my Little Fifth isn't that good-looking, she's kindhearted, pure and harmless, much more lovable than you."

Feng Wu was embarrassed as she met Feng Xun's gaze.

He sees her as being kindhearted, pure and harmless?

She clearly was a wolf in sheep's clothing, a little thief currently waiting for an opportunity to take the Immortal Spirit Fruit from right under their noses.

Fairy Mu Yao made a fist, that pampered face was so angry it turned red. "Then what you mean to say is that I'm not kindhearted, I'm not pure and

and harmless, I'm not lovable?"

Feng Xun put on a smile that's not a smile. "Would a kindhearted person criticize other people for being ugly?"

He heard it! It turned out that he heard it from the beginning! Fairly Mu Yao was alarmed as she stared at Feng Xun, her body stiffened all at once!

The young girl's temper flared, fearless round eyes glared. "So because you heard me call her ugly, in order to help her vent her anger, you then deliberately mentioned Feng Wu, deliberately say that she's prettier than me, right? Young Prince, you actually also don't know what Feng Wu looks like now, right?"

Feng Xun unhurriedly tore off a piece of fresh, tender, succulent roasted Hooting Blood Elk***curving up his lips mindlessly. "Her mother is Martial Lord Empire's most beautiful woman, how far can the apple fall from the tree? I say, girl from the Mu family, you shouldn't doggedly continue compare yourself with her. She'd simply feel it's beneath her dignity to compare herself

compare herself to you."

"You—-" Mu Yao was especially angry as she fiercely slapped the table. "Fine! Nobody leaves after we descend the mountain, we'll go visit the Feng family's old residence. I still don't believe that I, Mu Yao, can't compare with a little trash!"

Feng Wu: "……" It could be said that she now knew what was meant by 'disaster strikes when you least expect it'.

But fortunately, the topic about her has been concluded. She can finally eat dinner in peace.

However, Feng Wu was clearly celebrating too early——

Feng Xun raised his head, saw the stars glistening bright, shining through the heavens and sighed. "Alas, speaking of which, Feng Wu was dazzling at that time, stories about her spread throughout the capital during those years. She broke all kinds of cultivation records. I remember that she was already a level three Spirit Expert by the time she was four years old, right?"

"Level four." Xuan Yi seemed to not have paid attention, yet was accurate.

"A four accurate.

"A four years old level four Spirit Expert, my, when we were four years old we merely stood outdoors. We hadn't even entered the door to the Spirit Expert levels."

Feng Xun sighed again and again. "Of course this excludes Boss Jun. He's not normal, and can't be defined this way."

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