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Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Zuo Qing Luan?

Fairy Mu Yao's autumn eyes contemptuously swept over from Feng Wu's face, scanning her head to her feet, hardly concealing the look of malevolence in them.

Jun Lin Yuan was cultivating inside the wood cabin. Butler Feng was busy with making dinner. Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were muttering by the side. No one paid attention to this area.

Consequently, Fairy Mu Yao unhurriedly arrived before Feng Wu, stared at her from on high, lowered her voice and leaned close to her while speaking disdainfully. "You're, really, ugly."

Feng Wu was lost in thought thinking only about the Immortal Spirit Fruit and was woken up by Fairy Mu Yao's words. She dazedly turned towards this elegant looking young lady in front of her. "Huh? What did you say?"

Fairy Mu Yao laughed coldly and lowered her provoking voice again. "I said, you look very ugly! It's not your fault that you're

ugly, however, scheming of giving your affections to someone who's uninterested is. This face of yours is not qualified to even be a servant girl by Jun Lin Yuan's side!"

"Huh?" Feng Wu was somewhat unable to respond.

"Ohh." Feng Wu finally slowly became aware what Fairy Mu Yao meant by her scheming to give her affections and sticking to an uninterested Jun Lin Yuan.

Feng Wu subconsciously raised her hand and rubbed her own face.

Before she left her house, Feng Wu used yellow waxy cosmetics to conceal her devastatingly beautiful appearance, altering the contours of her brows, eyes, and nose. Therefore she currently indeed looked the part of merely an ordinary, commonplace girl.

Mu Yao was presently incensed by this response of Feng Wu's!

She'd provoked her like this, yet the ugly girl surprisingly still didn't get angry? Did this girl have a brain or not?

Just at this moment, Feng Xun's voice transmitted. "What are you guys chatting about? How come I hear something about ugly and beautiful?"


Fairy Mu Yao saw Feng Xun and her attitude immediately made a 180 degrees turn. On that originally elegant complexion, a perfect, sweet smiling expression appeared instantly. "Young Prince Feng, I was just saying that my Senior Martial Sister is very, very beautiful."

Feng Xun harrumphed coldly and walked to sit down next to Feng Wu.

Fairy Mu Yao lifted her head and glanced at the primary colored wood cabin, because Jun lin Yuan was residing not more than tens of meters away. As a result, amorous feelings rippled through her whole heart, and thought it'd be great if by speaking more, she could attract Jun Lin Yuan's attention.

Thereupon, Fairy Mu Yao pulled out a chair and sat down in a familiar manner, then smilingly asked Feng Xun. "Young Prince Feng, do you still remember my Senior Martial Sister?"

"Zuo Qing Yun?" Feng Xun asked without much thought.

Fairy Mu Yao waved her hand. "My Senior Martial Sister hates it the most when other people mentions her former name. Her

name. Her current name is Zuo Qing Luan, emerald luan fire phoenix, the emerald luan that's the king of all birds."

Nobody noticed Feng Wu sitting by the side resting her chin on her hands with her mind at the horizon, creasing her eyebrows at this moment, her body slightly stiffened.

Zuo Qing Luan? How many years had it been since she heard this name mentioned?

Feng Xun was apparently quite interested in Zuo Qing Luan as he asked. "This name is actually quite domineering. Does her current strength compare with this name?"

Xuan Yi also pulled out a chair and sat opposite Fairy Mu Yao.

Jun Lin Yuan also slowly walked out from the log cabin.

Butler Feng waiting by the side by the side had already pulled out a chair and waited until after Jun Lin Yuan took his place before he pushed the chair back in.

After that, he began to serve the food, one plate after another.

Once Jun Lin Yuan arrived, Fairy Mu Yao's attention was completely focused on Jun Lin Yuan, her deep black eyes stared at Jun Lin Yuan, as if her soul was sucked out and couldn't be shifted away.

"Cough cough ———-" Feng Xun coughed softly a couple of times.

Only then did Fairy Mu Yao's senses returned, a pink blush spread on her face as she awkwardly fiddled with a strand of hair bordering her forehead. "What was I saying?"

"Zuo Qing Luan?"

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