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Chapter 218: The Volcano Erupted!

Feng Wu didn't trick Feng Xun. The place that she pointed out truly contained Dragon Spirit Grass and Nine Profound Earth.

Feng Xun moved very quickly and rapidly dug out the entire Dragon Spirit Grass and Nine Profound Earth. He stood up, turned his head, and discovered that something was wrong, because Feng Wu was gone!

Feng Xun's mind also revolved quickly as he instantly realized that Feng Wu should've ran off again to that place to attempt suicide, giving up on life, right? ! Why was that girl so worrisome, no matter what he said, she just wouldn't listen? Aiya!

Thinking of this, Feng Xun threw the Dragon Spirit Grass and Nine Profound Earth into his chest pocket and quickly flew towards the way they came from!

Feng Xun's speed was indeed not something that the current Feng Wu could compare with!

In merely thirty five seconds of time, Feng Xun caught sight of Feng Wu!

Sure enough!

This girl was persistently making her way inside the cavern.

Watching this scene, Feng Xun was simply unbearably angry!

With a flying tackle, he exploded and approached. Just at the final split second when Feng Wu was on the verge of entering the cavern, a hand extended from behind her and grabbed onto Feng Wu's lean shoulder!

With one hand, he immediately lifted her up!

At that moment, Feng Wu simply wanted to cry!

After she was blocked by Feng Xun the first time around, with great difficulty, she waited and found a second opportunity. She didn't expect that she'd be forcibly blocked again a second time. How could there be such a thing? !

"Hurry and release me! The volcano is going to erupt soon! ! !" Feng Wu was incredibly anxious! So anxious that she directly kicked out!

The Rainbow Phoenix inside her dimensional space was even more anxious as it knocked its head against a wall, as bang bang sounds echoed!

Howl howl howl——

Charging inside, taking that strand of Distinct Fire then charging again outside, based on Feng Wu's speed, at most it'd take only a minute! The phoenix had a premonition that the eruption was going to happen soon!

Feng Xun was so angry that he immediately raised Feng Wu on his shoulder, and rushed forward in large strides. "So you still realize that the volcano is going to erupt soon? Since you know this, why're you still charging inside? Don't you want your life anymore? You just want to die like this! Even if Boss Jun……"

"This has nothing to do with your Boss Jun. I just want to fetch a the first strand of Distinct Fire from that volcanic eruption, my big brother!" Feng Wu was so angry that she beat him with her fist!

However, even if Feng Wu was telling the truth, Feng Xun still didn't believe a single word of hers. "Even if you're looking for an excuse, you should put a bit of your heart into it. Who said that the first strand of flame from the volcanic eruption is going to be Distinct Fire? If it's truly so easy to obtain Distinct Fire, then wouldn't everybody just squat by active volcanoes?"

While they were speaking——


A violent tremor erupted from the ground!

Not far away, a scarlet red blaze appeared unexpectedly on top of the overhanging cliff!

The blaze's appearance was magnificent and dazzling!

The blaze's brilliance absorbed a person's soul!

Feng Xun turned his head and saw this extraordinary blaze soar into the air……his heart bathumped at once——

It couldn't be, right?

This blaze……

Even if he was blind, he could still feel the difference in this flame!

Right after that blaze soared into the sky, the entire overhanging cliff started to crazily explode like fireworks!

It was difficult to imagine such crazy flames!

Pow pow!

Feng Xun's hand loosened as Feng Wu tumbled to the ground.

"This is……"

"The volcano erupted!"

"That is……."

"Distinct fire!"

"I……" Feng Xun pursed his lips with difficulty. That pair of clear, ink black eyes miserably gazed at Feng Wu, hesitantly looking back and forth, stammering……

"Hurry and chase!" Feng Wu climbed up from the ground. With a speed never seen before, she quickly charged towards the direction of that Distinct Fire!

Her speed was so fast that it was hard for a person to imagine it!

Feng Xun immediately reacted and started to pursue with a kind of speed which exceeded his previous one.

The Distinct Fire's speed was also very fast, just like a meteor streaking across the horizon.

In a flash, it just disappeared!

"Where!" Feng Xun finally became aware of the matter of his own silliness and superfluousness previously and wished with all his heart that he could do something to make up for his mistake. Thereupon, he rapidly flew forwards and wanted to capture that elusive Distinct Fire to gift to Feng Wu.

Chase chase chase!

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