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Chapter 219: You Already Tricked Me Once

"This Distinct Fire surprisingly flew along the same the direction we previously flew! Hurry, there's a shortcut to the left!" After she spoke, Feng Wu quickly flew into the hillside.

Behind Feng Wu, the volcano erupted endlessly.

It was a magnificent and spectacular sight!

Crisis approached one after another!

Countless volumes of ashes spewed forth……trees around the overhanging cliff had already been set aflame early on and practically nothing was left.

The temperature in surrounding areas rose to the peak!

Feng Wu also felt that she'd roast into a lump of coal soon.

Fortunately, the direction that small Distinct Fire flew was the same direction needed to descend the mountain, otherwise, Feng Wu also would have no way of pursuing it.

Because they took a shortcut, Feng Xun and Feng Wu again drew close to the small Distinct Fire.


The little Distinct Fire fell sharply towards the ground, after which its trace was completely gone.

"Eh? Where's that little Distinct Fire?" Feng Wu was puzzled as she looked all around. There were volcanic ashes in all directions. The blaze at the distance was shooting upwards and spreading downwards even more!

Very quickly, the entire area within Death Canyon was turned into a swath of fiery ocean.

Besides fire, there was practically nothing left. There wouldn't be any other outcome.

Because this was a volcanic eruption, a punishment from mother nature, there wasn't anyone who could resist.

At present, that little Distinct Fire's body was curled up. It was compressing itself over and over again, so as to avoid getting caught by the humans.

It was still young, still just a child……it hid so well, it certainly wouldn't be discovered! The young and naive little Distinct Fire was giving itself some encouragement!

"Where's the Distinct Fire? Where did it go?" Feng Xun stopped in his footsteps, opening his eyes wide to look around all over the place constantly, nervous and anxious!

Because the blaze at the top of the mountain was going to spread in a little while, and at that time, no matter whether they found the Distinct or not, they still had to descend the mountain and escape.

Feng Wu was much calmer than Feng Xun. She also opened her eyes wide and seriously scanned the ground inch by inch.

This area was the area where Glory Overlord Tiger and Blood Demon Dragon decisively battled previously.

Their decisive battlefield was in a mess. The Blood Demon Dragon was currently fighting Jun Lin Yuan, and the Glory Overlord Tiger's brain already burst open. Most of its body was buried in the dirt mound.


Just when Feng Wu's gaze scanned over the Glory Overlord Tiger, her thoughts suddenly stirred.

Previously, when she was sent flying by the Blood Demon Dragon and smashed down against the Glory Overlord Tiger, she became aware that there's something wrong with the Glory Overlord Tiger's body, but what in the world was wrong with it, she couldn't figure out at the time. But now, she suddenly had a kind of an idea that even she found shocking!

"The Glory Overlord Tiger……it clearly already died, yet there's still a trace of life force. It's quite possible that there's life inside its belly……" Thinking of this, Feng Wu abnormally rushed towards the Glory Overlord Tiger!

Feng Xun couldn't tell what's wrong with the Glory Overlord Tiger at all as he spoke to Feng Wu loudly. "Not good, the blaze from above is going to charge over here soon! We have to evacuate right away!"

Feng Wu's fingers were pressed against the Glory Overlord Tigers body.

Oh no! They won't go in!

They won't go in if a body was still alive, in other words, the Glory Overlord Tiger was still alive, or maybe part of its body was still alive!

Thinking of this, Feng Wu quickly called out to Feng Xun. "Hurry and come help!"

Feng Xun grabbed Feng Wu and was going to run. "Why still bother with the Glory Overlord Tiger? Hurry and run! Do you want to die? !"

But Feng Wu shook her head and replied. "Help me turn the Glory Overlord Tiger's body over. Young Prince Feng, you already messed me up once. Help me one time and I'll call it even, how about it?"

Feng Xun's heart truly felt guilty. Having heard what Feng Wu said, he nodded at once. "Fine! These are your own words, you're not allowed to go back on them!"

After he spoke, Feng Xun helped Feng Wu turn the tiger's body over.

But once it was turned over, suddenly——

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