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Chapter 217: Opportunity Knocks But Once!

"Exactly. Because the volcano's lava core is in there, that's why I need to charge inside even more! Let go of me!"

Feng Xun's arm around her waist held Feng Wu firmly in place and lifted her while she started running in the air!

Feng Wu was so angry that she continually kicked herself away. She struggled persistently in order to charge inside!

Feng Xun was so angry that his complexion turned white. "This girl! Why are you insisting on staying like this! It can't be because Boss Jun hasn't saved you and allowed you to fall down the overhanging cliff? Just because of a small matter like this and you no longer want to leave? Aren't you just too small minded? !"

Feng Wu was so choked she turned red across her whole face. "Let go! ! !"

"Not letting go! Isn't it just a matter of being liked by someone? Such a trivial matter. Boss Jun doesn't like you, but isn't it fine if I like you? Don't look for death. Find life instead and leave with me——"

Feng Wu was simply just about to throw up blood!

How did this matter have anything to do with whether Jun Lin Yuan liked or did not like her?

Feng Wu watched as one strand after another of white smoke emerged from the ground and was so anxious she was going to throw up blood. "I just need to go inside for a bit! Only going inside for a little while and will leave very quickly! I'm truly not looking to die, I'm looking to live, alright? !"

Feng Xun shook his head. "No, if I let you go, you'll certainly charge inside and will never come back out. I'm sorry——" Once Feng Xun raised his hand, Feng Wu was lifted up onto his shoulder. He took large strides to return.

"No——" Feng Wu practically fell apart.

The Rainbow Phoenix inside Feng Wu's dimensional space was so anxious that it knocked its head against a wall. "Ouch ouch ouch ouch——Distinct Fire, my Distinct Fire. If I had Distinct Fire, I would've been able to leave and help you fight ouch ouch ouch ouch——"

Feng Wu was unable to win Feng Xun. No matter how she struggled, it was useless. No matter what she said, he still wouldn't listen. Suddenly, she felt a kind of deep powerlessness and a feeling of defeat.

Thinking of this, Feng Wu was so angry again that she kicked her leg. "Feng Xun! I hate you!"

Feng Xun replied. "You hate? It's fine if you hate me. In any case, I won't let you go and court death. Whatever you can't figure out, you can tell me about it. However, looking for death certainly won't solve any problems. If you died, after Boss Jun found out, he'd only utter a single 'oh'. On the other hand, he certainly wouldn't even think more of you, so why must you insist? It's not worth it, Feng Wu I'm telling you——"

"Stop stop stop——" Feng Wu was getting a headache from listening to his preaching.

The Rainbow Phoenix inside Feng Wu's dimensional space was so angry that it wailed. "Hit him! Beat him up! Kill him!"

Feng Xun couldn't understand as he turned to Feng Wu. "I can see the Dragon Spirit Grass. Just fifty meters ahead to the left and that'll be the location of the Dragon Spirit Grass. There'll also inevitably be Nine Profound Earth, because they have a symbiotic relationship."

Feng Wu was busy making Feng Xun put her down. "Where? !"

Feng Xun's eyes suddenly shined!

Because the Dragon Spirit Grass and Nine Profound Earth were medicinal ingredients which could be used to treat Madam Ning, the reason that Feng Xun made the journey up the mountain was all due to this.

Feng Wu said. "In the northwest direction, isn't there a big rock there? The place under the rock should be it, my speed isn't as quick as yours——"

"Fine, you wait here. After I finish harvesting it, I'll quickly return——"

After he spoke, Feng Xun took large strides and rushed forward!

Just at this time, Feng Wu turned around and ran towards the previous location of the volcanic core!

"That's right! Run for it! Hurry ah ah ah run——" Inside Feng Wu's dimensional space, that Rainbow Phoenix was so anxious that it was spinning around inside the limited space while clenching its claws, totally keyed up!

Rush rush rush——

Feng Wu knew that there's not much time!

Currently, she's simply running a race with her life on the line!

However, she must take away the first strand of Distinct Fire, because just as the Rainbow Phoenix had said, as long as she fetched that first strand of Distinct Fire, the Rainbow Phoenix would be able to come out from the dimensional space. With it, Feng Wu would be like a tiger that had grown wings!

Opportunity knocks but once!

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