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Chapter 216: I Don't Want To Leave!

In other words, the distinctive fire that could allow the Rainbow Phoenix to fly out from the dimensional space again and again was at the base of this overhanging cliff!

At the same time, this indicated that this active volcano would erupt soon!

What Feng Wu wanted to do was precisely to take a strand of that distinctive fire before the volcano erupts.

Not a single minute, not a single second could be delayed, because no one knew at which second this active volcano was going to erupt!

Consequently, Feng Wu didn't have time to continue thinking as she just stepped on a huge rock and tumbled down.

Fortunately, Feng Wu's body was graceful and lithe, her reflexes quick and agile. Therefore, even though she stepped on those big rocks tumbling down, she could still take advantage of the chance to descend without getting crushed between them!

However, Feng Xun didn't know this!

He flew down in a rush, shouting for Feng Wu all over the place, his voice anxious and urgent.

Feng Wu rubbed the space between her eyebrows, she knew that if she didn't urge Feng Xun to leave, after the volcano erupted in a moment, Feng Xun would immediately be blown to bits.

However, Feng Wu still hadn't opened her mouth when Feng Xun saw her figure!

"Feng Wu! Little Feng Wu! You're here? ! I saw you roll down! Are you injured? Are you feeling uncomfortable anywhere? Are you hurt anywhere? You're truly not dead yet! I even thought that you'd died, you damn girl, why didn't you make a sound if you haven't died, you……" Feng Xun rattled on continuously and simply didn't give Feng Wu a chance to open her mouth.

Time was pressing, Feng Wu immediately spoke. "Stop! Listen to me right now——" Feng Wu's expression was serious and grave. "You should leave this place right away, quickly, leave without delay!"

After she spoke, Feng Wu just pushed Feng Xun away, attempting to push him to leave.

"Why?" Feng Xun's face was filled with doubt.

He didn't want to leave, Feng Wu naturally was unable to move him with her push, therefore his body stood mightily and motionlessly in its original place.

Feng Wu inhaled a deep breath. "Just quickly leave since I asked you to leave, why ask so much!"

"Not going! Unless you tell me the reason!"

Feng Wu felt helpless. "It's very dangerous here! Your life is in danger! Isn't your life very precious? Leave quickly!"

Feng Xun looked at Feng Wu as if he's looking at an idiot and suddenly laughed. "Hey, a little cripple like you is even standing here. In any case, my strength is much stronger than yours, sigh, would I be afraid of the danger if you're not afraid? !"

No matter what Feng Wu said, he wouldn't listen, time is terribly pressing, within the dimensional space, the Rainbow Phoenix was still urging her. She suddenly became unbearably anxious and so angry that she slapped Feng Xun's back.

"Hiss——" Feng Xun groaned. The pain made him breathe a mouthful of cold air!

Feng Wu patted his shoulder. "Therefore, you should quickly leave this place. After I finish what I need to do, I'll also leave rapidly!"

After she finished speaking, Feng Wu turned around and left.

Just at this time, the ground shook violently!

A very bad premonition appeared in Feng Xun's heart as he grabbed Feng Wu. "Not good! The ground is shaking violently, moreover, have you felt it, the temperature at the soles of our feet has suddenly become much hotter? If I'm not mistaken, this mountain we're standing on should be an active volcano! Hurry and leave!" As Feng Xun was speaking, he was pulling Feng Wu and wanted to run.

Feng Wu's entire face was about to turn green!

She knew that this place was an active volcano, and precisely because she knew, that's why she wanted to rush over here, to fetch the first strand of Distinct Fire! In an instant, it became extremely urgent ah ah ah!

"Let go of me! I'm going in there and will quickly come back out! Hurry and let me go!" Feng Wu struggled and wanted to charge inside! Feng Xun was so angry that his eyes became red. "The flaming lava core is in there, it'll quickly erupt into a volcano, you'll die for sure going in there! Hurry and return with me!"

Feng Wu was so angry that her eyes also turned red——

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