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Chapter 211: But I Don't Want To Die

Feng Wu nodded.

"Eh? Why am I asking you again? Moreover, you're so lucky. You've obviously even guessed correctly!" Feng Xun was a bit puzzled as he kneaded his forehead.

Feng Wu. "……"

Noticing that the Blood Demon Dragon's ear moved, Feng Wu hinted to Feng Xun not to speak anymore, so as to avoid arousing its attention.

Even though they and the Blood Demon Dragon were separated by a distance of several kilometers, however, this is absolutely not a safe distance.

The Blood Demon Dragon focused its attention on the Glory Overlord Tiger's body. A strange cruel smile suddenly appeared on that fierce face. Soon after, it swung a heavy scaled fist!


A loud boom echoed!

The Glory Overlord Tiger's head was directly smashed and bled.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

One fist after another, each fist causing the ground to shake violently!

The Glory Overlord Tiger already died. Because it was defenseless, the Glory Overlord Tiger's head was quickly smashed into minced meat. It made for a shocking sight, causing one's hair to stand on ends.

Feng Wu closed her eyes, and took a deep breath……

Feng Xun lowered his voice and again spoke by Feng Wu's ear. "Say, do you think that Blood Demon Dragon has noticed us? In its eyes, we're just two ants, right? Not even worth it for it to step on us, right?"

Feng Wu also wanted to deceive herself like this, however, she distinctly felt that the Blood Demon Dragon's fond of killing cold eyes fiercely changed direction towards her!

Even though several kilometers separated them, the killing intent in that pair of cold eyes still stabbed Feng Wu's forehead with sharp pain!

"This is bad!" Feng Wu could feel a kind of dread that came with impending death!

Feng Xun's legs weakened as he said with a bitter smile. "We've been discovered, moreover, it has turned and is headed towards us. Three kilometers……two kilometers……one kilometer……sigh, damn—-"

Feng Wu and Feng Xun had seen with their own eyes how the Blood Demon Dragon dealt with the Glory Overlord Tiger just now!

Therefore, when the Blood Demon Dragon headed towards them, Feng Wu only felt her heartbeat speed up rapidly. Her heart was beating so fast that it nearly popped into her throat!

What're they going to do…..the two of them were totally unable to move!

They could only stare blankly as they watched the Blood Demon Dragon approach closer and closer, closer and closer——

Feng Xun's legs already weakened. "Are we going to die?"

Feng Wu. "It's possible……"

"But I don't want to die……"

"From the way you speak, it's as if I want to die."

"To think that the two of us weren't born on the same year, same month, same day, yet we're going to die on the same year, same month, same day. We can be considered to be fated to be together."

"I definitely don't want this kind of fate." Feng Wu focused on the Blood Demon Dragon, but spoke to Feng Xun.

Feng Xun received a heavy psychological blow. "Am I so awful? At the very least I'm still a young prince! It shouldn't be that up until now, you're still chasing after our Boss Jun, right? This heart of yours is truly too bold!"

Feng Wu was dumbfounded. "We're just about at death's door. Can you tell me who Bao'er is?"

Feng Xun was on guard as he fixed his gaze on Feng Wu. "You're always asking about Bao'er. What's your aim!"

"Just curious."

"I don't believe that."

Feng Wu glared at Feng Xun!

"Fine! Fine! It's indeed not too humane to let you take this question unanswered with you unto death. Since you want to know so much, then I'll tell you. Bao'er is——"

Just at this moment, the Blood Demon Dragon ferociously flew at Feng Wu!

It's speed was incredibly fast, so fast that it wasn't possible for a human body to react!

How could Feng Xun have the time to answer Feng Wu's questions?

Just when the Blood Demon Dragon flew at Feng Wu, he also didn't know where the strength in his body came from as his body subconsciously charged over and blocked off the dragon in front of Feng Wu!

Crash crash!

A huge crashing sound!

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