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Chapter 212: Like A Ruler!

Crash crash!

A huge crashing sound!

That sharp Blood Demon Dragon claw streaked across Feng Xun's back!

The wound turned over his flesh, so deep his bone could be seen!

A pained expression appeared in Feng Wu's eyes. She supported Feng Xun's collapsing body. "How are you? Don't scare me! Feng Xun——"

Feng Wu never expected that at this dangerous juncture, Feng Xun surprisingly would shield her. This sharp claw originally should've been received by her!

Feng Xun's face twisted in pain and actually breathed a mouthful of cold air. He joylessly frowned. "……there must be something wrong with me, why did I stand in front of you? My life is much more valuable than yours! Tell me, is there something wrong with me?"

Feng Wu. "……"

Just at this time, the Blood Demon Dragon coldly laughed, its huge palm aimed at Feng Wu and Feng Xun's head and fiercely shot over! This palm carried with it an inexhaustible strong wind, inconceivably powerful!

If the palm hit squarely, Feng Wu and Feng Xun would certainly die!

The two people's pupils fiercely constricted, their backs stiffened, cold sweat covered their backs!

During this split second, their brains were completely blank……

Could it be that they'll truly die like this?

Nevertheless, without the slightest hesitation, Feng Xun pressed Feng Wu under him and allowed his bleeding back to face the Blood Demon Dragon!

Feng Wu suddenly became anxious as she slapped Feng Xun's shoulder. "Didn't you say that your life is more valuable than mine? Why are you still shielding me? Hurry and get out of the way!"

Feng Xun was panting with rage in reply. "I also don't want to provide cover in front of you, do you think that I want to save you!" But he really didn't know why he would just charge forward and provide cover for her! Feng Xun even wanted to slap himself silly.

Just at this moment of imminent peril——


A soaring sword intent descended!

A young black robed figure was just a black shooting star as he left a streak in the air and instantly turned to arrive before Feng Wu!

Heaven Punishing Sword's sword intent pointed directly at the Blood Demon Dragon!


The Blood Demon Dragon's back suddenly split open in a blood colored wound!

"Ah!" The Blood Demon Dragon which originally thought that it could proclaim itself an overlord after killing the Glory Overlord Tiger instantly twisted its body in pain as it looked up to the sky furiously!

Rumble rumble!

Its huge body turned around, and rigidly fixed its attention on Jun Lin Yuan. That pair of bloodthirsty eyes was full of killing intent!

Jun Lin Yuan's pair of eyes was just like a frozen pond, his killing intent ice-cold!

Both parties faced each other, stirring turbulent undercurrents, desires for murder emerged prominently!

Both sides exhibited their powerful pressures!

Feng Wu's heart tightened!

The Blood Demon Dragon's strength was unimaginably powerful. Even if it had already used up more than half of its power currently, it could still strike Icebound Forest's demonic beast king to death. How could it be easy to deal with?

"Jun Lin Yuan……" Feng Wu bit on her lower lip as a tinge of worry appeared in her heart.

However, Feng Xun was extraordinarily optimistic in regards to Jun Lin Yuan. He immediately became excited as he grabbed Feng Wu and pulled her up and excitedly said. "Ha haha——Boss Jun is here! I just knew I won't die! I'm the one they mean when they talk about someone who can avoid disasters for a millennium ha haha haha——"

Feng Wu watched Jun Lin Yuan and the Blood Demon Dragon colliding in the sky, concern appearing in her eyes. "Can Jun Lin Yuan win?"

Feng Xun silently cast a glance at Feng Wu. "You shouldn't ask this question. You should ask when Jun Lin Yuan can finish the fight."

"You truly have a lot of confidence in him."

"Naturally. I'm even more confident in him than I am in myself, don't worry——" Feng Xun had already recovered his devil may care attitude as he patted Feng Wu's shoulders. "With Boss Jun here, even if it were something more difficult, it still wouldn't amount to anything. The Blood Demon Dragon is screwed for sure this time. Hssss, so painful——"

Once Feng Xun became complacent, it caused the wound on his back to rip open. He immediately grimaced in pain and fell while breathing a mouthful of cold air!

However, Feng Wu wasn't as optimistic as Feng Xun——

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