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Chapter 210: Is It Really Dead Now?

But now, being able to preserve their lives was already a one in ten thousand chance.

Fortunately, the Blood Demon Dragon actually didn't take Feng Wu and Feng Xun as an enemy at all. Maybe in its eyes, these two humans were merely two ants.


In the air——

The Blood Demon Dragon's sharp eyes shot towards the Glory Overlord Tiger!

That huge body was like a meteor streaking across the horizon as it explosively charged towards the ground!



Feng Wu only felt a gust of strong wind blow before her eyes!

Her face felt as if it had been cut across by a razor blade. It hurt so much her eyes stung. Next, she saw the Blood Demon Dragon's incomparably huge clenched fist aim at the Glory Overlord Tiger's head and directly pound at it!

"Isn't the Glory Overlord Tiger already dead? This Blood Demon Dragon has a tyrannical body composition! Every part of its body is actually a treasure!"

"Maybe the Glory Overlord Tiger is playing dead? If it was me, I'd also ensure that the enemy is already thoroughly dead before I stop attacking." Feng Wu levelly explained.

Just as Feng Wu's voice dropped——

The originally breathless Glory Overlord Tiger suddenly made a tight fist!


A frantic black fog rocketed into the sky, and completely enveloped the Blood Demon Dragon.

An alarmed expression appeared on the Blood Demon Dragon's face!

Because during the time that the black fog enveloped its body, it only felt that spirit qi was crazily getting drawn away from its entire body. The power in its body was reduced by a third in a short while!

The Blood Demon Dragon was terrified. It didn't dare to remain immobile as its body quickly turned in the air and leapt out.

However, the Glory Overlord Tiger lifted up its head. That pair of eyes was bitingly ice-cold, dangerous and malicious!

In its hand was a black strap which hooked onto the Blood Demon Dragon's claws. No matter how the Blood Demon Dragon flew, it was unable to escape.

And during the time that it was hooked in place by the black strap, the spirit qi inside the Blood Demon Dragon's body was continually getting sucked out!

Everyone could clearly feel the Blood Demon Dragon's alarm and anger!

Feng Wu and Feng Xun watched while dumbstruck.

Feng Xun. "……was it really playing dead?"

Feng Wu nodded.

"So can the situation be reversed? ! Is the Glory Overlord Tiger going to kill the Blood Demon Dragon? !" Feng Xun subconsciously asked.

Feng Wu remained silent. "No."


"The Glory Overlord Tiger's strength is already spent. What it's displaying now is the last frantic struggle on its last breath. It won't be able to persevere much longer……" Feng Wu sighed.

"Therefore, it'll still be the Blood Demon Dragon's victory in the end?" Feng Xun asked.

Feng Wu nodded.

Feng Xun suddenly became aware of something and slapped his head. "Is there something wrong with me. I suddenly asked you such a profound questions. Sigh, you're actually a little cripple, what can you know?"

Feng Wu. "……"

But just at this moment, the black hook that was thrown out from the Glory Overlord Tiger's hand, which was originally a dense black, became more and more thin. Finally, it gradually faded away in the air…..

And its own body also finally lost its last strength as it loudly fell backwards, producing a loud boom.

"Is it really dead now?" Feng Xun was a bit unsure as he asked.

"It's really dead."

"Is it possible that it's tricking the Blood Demon Dragon again?"


"Why not?"

Feng Wu replied. "Previously, its head was buried in the earth and only its back was exposed, but now, its belly has flipped over and it's lying on its back."

"Oh!" Feng Xun suddenly understood. "This is just like the glass colored cat that I'm raising at home. When it's getting close to you, it would lie on its back and expose its belly, because the belly is the softest area on a demonic beast's body and is also its weakest point."

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