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Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Sim, ply, Laugh, able!

Thereupon Feng Xun turned around. "Butler Feng, Butler Feng!"

Ever since he was young, Butler Feng had attended to Jun Lin Yuan's predecessor******when Jun Lin Yuan was born, he retired from his office as the chief steward and had accompanied Jun Lin Yuan since then. That's why these few companions were very familiar with Butler Feng.

No one knew what Butler Feng's cultivation was, because no one had ever seen him make a move.

No one dared to provoke Butler Feng, because those people who'd provoked Butler Feng before were already dead.

Butler Feng slowly walked over and brought hot water and herbal plasters at the same time.

After the blood had dried on the soles of her feet, the leather boots adhered to it. If they forcefully pulled her foot out then opening new flesh wounds would be inevitable.

Originally, Feng Xun wanted to cut off her boots, but he was firmly rejected by Feng Wu.

That's why Feng Xun could only first use hot

water to wash over Feng Wu's small boots. When the hot water seeped in, he could clearly perceive Feng Wu brows tensing up.

"It won't hurt, it won't hurt, it'll be better in a moment. But if the wounds on your feet aren't properly treated, you won't be able to get on the road tomorrow." Feng Xun was like a young older brother as he coaxed Feng Wu.

After he waited for the hot water to soak through, Feng Xun then gently and cautiously removed the cloths wrapped around Feng Wu's feet from within her boots with difficulty.

Because of the swelling, he almost couldn't remove them.

When Feng Wu's feet came out of her boots, the complexion of everyone at the scene became somewhat unsightly.

That pair of feet was drenched in blood and was utterly swollen. They looked especially……ghastly.

Feng Xun immediately felt his heart ache.

Yet Xuan Yi knit his brows. "If it's like this, how can she walk tomorrow? How about we leave her behind?"

At this kind of moment, he could still talk like that?

Feng Xun turned his head around to

to glare at Xuan Yi. "Young Second Xuan!"


"Raise your right hand, touch your conscience, and tell me if it aches or not?"

Xuan Yi: "……..I don't feel like talking to you, I'm going hunting!"

From start to finish, besides taking a glance at Feng Wu and furrowing his brows a bit, Jun Lin Yuan didn't have any other additional expression at all.

Feng Xun very carefully applied medicine for Feng Wu's sake. After he finished, he warned her to obediently sit still on the chair and not to move randomly.

And at this time, Xuan Yi returned carrying a Hooting Blood Elk. There was even a cute young lady who looked just like an elk following behind him.

"Fairy Mu Yao?" Feng Xun saw the young lady behind Xuan Yi, and uttered at once. He stared at Xuan Yi. "Why did you bring her back? !"

How could Feng Xun not know Fairy Mu Yao? When they were at Gathering Cloud Pavillion previously, Fairy Mu Yao was also present. Even though she was wearing a hat with a veil which covered up more than half of

half of her countenance, she was still unable to escape Feng Xun's experienced, discerning eyes.

Xuan Yi brought the Hooting Blood Elk and dropped it in front of Butler Feng, then shot a glance at Feng Xun. "If you're allowed to bring a young girl, why can't I?"

Feng Xun felt stifled and choked on air as he pointed at Xuan Yi. "You you you, you come here!"

Feng Xun dragged Xuan Yi to an unoccupied corner, lowered his voice, and spoke with clenched teeth. "Xuan Yi, are you insane? What kind of person is Fairy Mu Yao? She's a girl who actually always admired Boss Jun. Don't you know that Boss Jun dislikes this kind of women the most? ! Yet you still brought her back? !"

Xuan Yi also did it for lack of a better option. a better option. "When I was hunting the Hooting Blood Elk, I accidentally injured her, moreover, she is my cousin, we're blood related."

Feng Xun sucked in a mouthful of air. "……you brought her, you take responsibility!"

While Xuan Yi and Feng Xun were muttering by the side, Fairy Mu Yao's gaze already fell on Feng Wu's body.

Because she'd seen her previously at Gathering Cloud Pavillion, Fairy Mu Yao had a very deep impression of Feng Wu. This young girl looks ordinary, but her scheming was especially deep, pretending to be captured by the Flaming Cloud Hawk, thus relying on Jun Lin Yuan to be the hero saving a maiden, after which she had the justification to stay by his side!

Did she think that she'd catch Jun Lin Yuan's eyes because of this? Sim, ply, laugh, able!

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