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Chapter 209: But It's Already Too Late

Countless numbers of broken rocks exploded and collapsed down from the extremely high overhanging cliff as tens of thousands thunderous blasts exploded in front!

Their speed was great, imposing and majestic, simply stunning.

"Mountainous rockslide!" Standing on top of a boulder not far away, Feng Xun's brow knit faintly. "Why is there suddenly a rockslide on the mountain? Moreover, even under the circumstances where there isn't an earthquake. Something big is going to happen."

Feng Wu pointed at the figures in combat not far away and shook her head as she smiled bitterly. "One is a Blood Demon Dragon, and the other one, if I'm not mistaken, should be a Glory Overlord Tiger, right?"

Feng Xun nodded. "If these two are to continue fighting, then the entire Icebound Forest will be completely overturned. Moreover, if they fly towards human towns, that will result in extremely grave consequences."

Just at this time, only a loud rumbling explosion could be heard!

A fierce tiger that's as tall and big as a two storied mansion tumbled down from the location where the mountainous landslide was coming from——

"Glory Overlord Tiger!" Feng Wu's heart jumped violently!

This enormous Glory Overlord Tiger tumbled down slipping and colliding, its head stuck in the loose earth. Half of its body also buried inside.

Feng Xun's heart burst with excitement. "A Glory Overlord Tiger is actually Icebound Forest's king! It's……is it dead? !"

Feng Wu pulled Feng Xun. "Quick run!"

But Feng Xun anxiously replied. "But all of the Glory Overlord Tiger's body is a treasure! The tiger bone, tiger muscles and tendons, tiger blood, tiger skin……all of those are treasures!"

Feng Wu quickly nodded and urged anxiously. "I know they're all good stuffs. As a pill refining master, I know this even more clearly than you! However! The Glory Overlord Tiger was killed by the Blood Demon Dragon. Wouldn't it chase over here? ! The two of us are weak slags, and we're still thinking of seizing food from the mouth of a Blood Demon Dragon? Hurry and run!"

However, it's already too late. Just at this time, in the middle of the sky, an enormous shadow enveloped over them.

Feng Wu subconsciously looked up. She saw the Blood Demon Dragon in the air. That pair of opened wings covered up a mountain. Everything in her vision was completely covered by the shadow of those wings!

The Blood Demon Dragon's gaze was fierce, its appearance distorted. That pair of deep and cold eyes swept over the earth!

Feng Wu only felt the hairs on her entire body stand up!

How painful——

Its pair of eyes were clearly focused on the Glory Overlord Tiger not far away, but Feng Wu still felt fits of pain in the pit of her stomach, as if it was pinched by a huge hand. Her head felt even more painful as it twitched and became dizzy, while her legs weakened. The pit of her stomach lurched and at once a mouthful of sweet blood overflowed out of the corners.

What a scary Blood Demon Dragon!

Being enveloped by its residual power was enough to cause internal injuries!

Feng Wu wanted to move, but discovered that under to suppression of the Blood Demon Dragon's pressure, her pair of legs seemed like they were stuck to the ground. She couldn't move even if she wanted to!

Not only was she like this, Feng Xun was also like this.

Feng Xun scowled miserably, a faceful of regret, and spoke in a soft voice. "Humans die for riches. It's because I was greedy, I shouldn't have……"

Feng Wu turned towards the mountain that was completely enveloped by the Blood Demon Dragon's pair of wings and smiled bitterly again and again. "No, even if we ran just now, we still wouldn't have gotten away."

Feng Xun was going to speak when Feng Wu reminded him. "Close your eyes. Don't look at the Blood Demon Dragon. Otherwise, it'll think that we want to provoke it. The result can only be death."

Currently, what the two of them wanted to do was to close their eyes and pretend to be dead from terror.

In Feng Wu's heart, she smiled bitterly again and again. She originally entered Icebound Forest to look for Dragon Tongue Spirit Grass and Nine Mysteries Earth to treat Madam Ning. Other than that, she had to help the Rainbow Phoenix obtain the first strand of Glory Underworld Fire from the volcanic eruption——

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