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Chapter 208: Run!

"Are all crippled bodies weak like this? You're already this weak yet you still want to enter the mountain, I really give up."

Feng Wu shot a displeased glance at Feng Xun. If it wasn't for him scaring her by her side, would she be alarmed to this degree? !

The topic regarding Bao'er could no longer be continued. Feng Wu started to look around everywhere.

"What're you looking for?" Feng Xun saw Feng Wu looking all around, apparently looking for something and asked her at once in confusion.

Feng Wu responded. "Haven't you discovered that there's something strange in the surrounding areas?"

Feng Xun thought about it then asked. "Do you mean the earthquakes? Don't worry, a moment ago, there'd been already several waves, there shouldn't be any more."

"Look, there's originally a river embankment on this side. However, the water within the embankment are boiling into bubbles. Those fish have all flipped belly over. I'm afraid that they've almost been boiled cooked."

Having his attention called to mind like this by Feng Wu, Feng Xun was immediately startled!

When Feng Wu hadn't mentioned this, he truly still hadn't noticed this matter. He responded hesitantly. "Is it due to the earth dragon turning over?"

"Earth dragon turning over is basically an earthquake. It can bring about mountainous landslides and can cause homes to shake and collapse, but have you ever seen water temperatures rise to the point that fish were boiled and cooked?"

Feng Xun used a branch to fetch a dead fish floating in the river. "Oh, the river water's really hot!"

His hand was almost burned!

Feng Xun looked carefully. Sure enough, in his hand was a many finned fish that had been boiled cooked before floating completely dead.

"Why's it like this?" Suddenly, a very bad premonition appeared in Feng Xun's mind. "Why do I feel that something big's going to happen?"

"Ha haha, volcanic eruption, a volcanic eruption!" Inside Feng Xu's dimensional space, the Rainbow Phoenix excitedly danced in a circle. "I want the first strand of Glory Underworld Fire! I want the first strand of Glory Underworld Fire that erupts out of the volcano!"

Feng Wu knead the space between her eyebrows. "Shut up!"

Feng Wu's manner was imposing and fierce. The originally arrogant Rainbow Phoenix pulled back its neck. "I just want the first strand of the Glory Underworld Fire. After fusing with it, I can can come out! In the future, I'll actually help you fight! I'm very formidable!"

Feng Wu kneaded the space between her eyebrows. Of course she knew that the Rainbow Phoenix was very formidable, otherwise, Master also wouldn't have raised it to become his own mount.

Just at this time, suddenly, a deafening sound was heard at the front.

Feng Wu and Feng Xun subconsciously raised their heads.

In front of them was a very high overhanging cliff. They were preparing to climb down the precipice, because based on Feng Wu's hypothesis, the Dragon Tongue grass wasn't far from the overhanging cliff face. However, this intense rumbling sound suddenly caused their complexions to change!

"What's that sound?" The two of them asked in unison.

Previously, the dead fish inside the river's embankment already caused them to be on their guard. And now, this ear-splitting rumbling noise immediately startled the two of them on the spot!

Suddenly, Feng Wu reacted and her complexion changed at once as she pulled Feng Xun to run towards the left side.

In other words, if the Feng Wu duo were said to face the overhanging cliff previously, then right now, Feng Wu's first reaction was to pull Feng Xun and flee in a straight line perpendicular to the face of the overhanging cliff.

Feng Xun still hadn't reacted. "What——"

"Run!" Feng Wu bellowed thunderously!

Her voice was anxious like never before!

The crucial point was that at this moment, Feng Xun was very obedient as Feng Wu pulled him and rushed forward continually, rushing, rushing——

Until they they ran a distance of several kilometers——

Crash crash crash——

On the face of the vertical overhanging cliff, countless numbers of boulders and yellow sand rumbled loudly and crash crash crashed down!

The entire cliff face was like a kind of perpendicular wave as it swung left and right.

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