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Chapter 207: What Kind Of Person Is Jun Lin Yuan?

However, currently, Madam Yan didn't have time to think more on it as she deeply breathed in. Her gaze changed direction to the crowd of people at the scene——

A ruthless scene of interrogation was about to get started. Who in the world was the one who put in the poison?

Feng Wu didn't know at all. At present, she was going directly towards Icebound Forest!

At the moment, due to the demonic beast tide, a big wave of demonic beasts were flying towards the base of the mountain. On the contrary, Icebound Forest was so quiet that it was scary.

"Where's the Dragon Tongue Spirit Grass?" Feng Xun asked Feng Wu. "Also, where's the Nine Mysteries Earth?"

Feng Wu shot him a level glance, didn't say anything, and only faced towards one direction.

It looked as if she was a bit irritated?

Feng Xun couldn't help but poke Feng Wu's head. "Is there something going on with you again?"

Feng Wu laughed coldly. "Has my Little Seventh gone to the capital?"

Speaking of this subject, Feng Xun started to lose confidence. His eyes wandered all over the place, looking left and right.

"Who's Bao'er?" Feng Wu asked.

"Bao'er is——" Feng Xun almost blurted it out, however, he quickly reacted and his hands covered his mouth. "I.. I'm not telling you!"

"Why can't you tell me? Is there something that you can't speak of?" As Feng Wu walked, she fixed her attention on Feng Xun. "Jun Lin Yuan's sister?"

Feng Xun shook his head. "Of course not!"

Feng Wu asked again. "Jun Lin Yuan's childhood sweetheart? That can't be right, if she's his sweetheart, I should know. After all, I've merely left the capital for five years, but I've surprisingly never heard of Bao'er's name, sigh."

The more she thought about it, the more she really couldn't figure it out. The more she couldn't figure it out, the more curious she became.

Feng Xun was secretly pleased with himself inside. He's simply not telling her, simply not telling her haha haha——

"Even though I can't tell you who she is, I can say with certainty that if you see her, you'll certainly like her very very much. She's truly a very warm and adorable young girl. There's never someone who's seen her but hasn't liked her."

Feng Xun let out a long sigh. "You shouldn't blame us for taking your younger brother away. It ought to be known, speaking of which, just blame that ugly girl!"

"If it wasn't for her having stolen the Immortal Spirit Fruit, the antidote could've been refined already and Bao'er wouldn't suffer like she is right now. If Jun Lin Yuan were to know who's stolen the Immortal Spirit Fruit……" Feng Xun's eyes secretly conjectured as he coldly harrumphed from his nose.

"What……what would happen?" Feng Wu's heart weakened a bit as she asked.

"Dismember her body into ten thousand pieces, then deep fry them in a fryer, then finally chop up into bits to feed to the dogs!" Feng Xun's face stiffened completely, answering like a murderous, wicked devil!

Feng Wu. "……can't, can't be that serious, right?"

Feng Xun harrumphed softly. "Of course you don't know how much Jun Lin Yuan dotes on Bao'er. I dare say that Bao'er is Boss Jun's most important person in this lifetime! Tell me, is it possible for Boss Jun not to get angry?"

Feng Wu originally still had doubts about whether Jun Lin Yuan would recognize that she's the Little Fifth Feng who stole the Immortal Spirit Fruit. However, currently hearing Feng Xun explain things in this way, Jun Lin Yuan absolutely hadn't figured it out.

What kind of person was Jun Lin Yuan? Prejudiced, protective!

In his heart, there are only two kinds of people. His own people and other people!

Therefore, if he truly recognized her, could she have continued to live peacefully up until now?

Thinking of this, Feng Wu shivered with cold inside. In this lifetime, she absolutely could not reveal that she's the one who stole the Immortal Spirit Fruit……

"Little Feng Wu, are you very cold? Sigh, you're shivering." Feng Xun shot a glance at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu's mind was frozen for a time. Yes, absolutely, by no means could she let it be discovered!

Thinking of this, Feng Wu glanced at Feng Xun right away. "Yes, a bit cold."

"Not a bit cold, it's just your body's too weak." Feng Xun took off his exterior robe and wrapped it closely around Feng Wu as he said in a displeased manner.

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