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Chapter 201: Who's Bao'er?

The smiling expression on Yan Yan's face became very awkward. She appeared stiff, just like a rock.

Unfortunately, hearing these words from Feng Xun, Feng Wu actually laughed 'pff' out loud.

"Who's laughing? !" Yan Yan's vicious gaze instantly directed towards the crowd and swept through it!

With a glance, she saw Feng Wu standing beneath the Assembly Pagoda. Unexpectedly, she'd become a joke for this girl! Yan Yan only felt the blood in her whole body rush into her head, she felt that she had completely lost face!

She instantly flew into a rage out of humiliation.

"You, what's there to laugh at? !" Yan Yan pointed at Feng Wu. "I can tell that you've been dissatisfied for awhile now. Speak quickly, what's your name! Were you laughing at me just now? Who the hell are you that you can laugh at me. I'm the grand dual Minister of Appointments and Military Chancellor's daughter!"

In fact, Yan Yan still didn't know Feng Wu's name.

Feng Wu didn't pay any attention to Yan Yan at all as her pair of penetrating eyes focused on Feng Xun and laughed coldly. "Young Prince Feng, long time no see."

Having Feng Wu's pair of eyes fixed on him, Feng Xun only felt his back turn cold and his heart weaken. He awkwardly smiled at Feng Wu while he wanted to oil his feet and run.

However, Feng Wu's eyes were swift and her hands were quick. With a grab, she grasped Feng Xun's collar behind his neck.

Watching this, Yan Yan's eyeballs nearly popped out!

This this this……what kind of scene was this before her? !

Who was her cousin? He's in fact the prince's mansion's young prince, Crown Prince Jun's best friend, but he was caught by this girl before her eyes!

Actually, Second Cousin was like Crown Prince Jun, he also had an obsession with cleanliness. Just now, she only pulled at his arm a little, yet was pushed away by him. However, this girl unexpectedly dared to grab the back of cousin's collar! Her recklessness was simply unbelievable!

Yan Yan was waiting for her cousin to throw this girl over his shoulder and directly fling her down the city gate tower, but in the end——

Yan Yan incredibly saw Feng Xun's bitter face turn around. His pair of eyes were like a little deer's as he turned towards her. "Feng Wu, little Feng Wu, you you you, let's talk things out slowly. A nobleman takes action and doesn't waste words, oh shit, a lady talks without getting physical. You let me go first, all right?"

There was no swift as lightning shoulder throw and no righteous words of rebuke. There was only wretched, pitiful pleading.

Pleading? This willful, insufferably arrogant cousin of hers unexpectedly implored this Feng Wu……Feng Wu? ! ! ! !

Yan Yan's shocked eyes stared at Feng Wu. "You're really Feng Wu? ! The previous genius once as equally famous as Crown Prince Jun. The Feng Wu who became a trash afterwards? !"

Feng Wu completely ignored Yan Yan. Her pair of penetrating and hawk-like eyes glared at Feng Xun. "What happened to my Little Seventh?"

Feng Xun quickly raised both hands with the gesture of surrender. "Your Little Seventh's fine, very safe. I swear, there's not even the slightest problem with him. Currently, he's already been sent to the capital. You won't be able to see him for the time being……"

While Feng Xun was speaking, he bitterly shot a glance at Jin Lin Yuan.

He remembered that at the time, Boss Jun creased his brows and said. "In the past few days, I wonder if Bao'er's illness has flared up."

Feng Xun replied at once. "What's so difficult about this? First send someone to bring Little Seventh Feng to the imperial capital. If Bao'er's illness flares up, they can use his blood to stave it off. What's more, once Little Seventh Feng left for the capital, can Feng Wu still not chase after him? Ha haha, I'm simply a genius——"

But now, he's been caught red-handed by Feng Wu.

Just at this time, suddenly!

In the depths of the distant Icebound Forest, light and shadow moved.

"Blood Demon Dragon! Good heavens, it's really a Blood Demon Dragon! Just now, its shadow appeared in the sky!" Feng Xun's eyes flashed with excitement. "Bao'er's illness doesn't merely need the Immortal Spirit Fruit. In addition, it also needs the Blood Demon Dragon's blood!"

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