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Chapter 200: Destruction

Jun Lin Yuan's powerful sword intent soared into the skies and formed a huge, incomparable falcon in the air. The falcon's wings covered a mountain, so big that it enveloped the entire sky!

The flying demonic beasts enveloped the skies over Winding Peace City. However, Jun Lin Yuan's sword intent turned into a falcon above the flying demonic beasts!


The illusory falcon ferociously opened its mouth and sucked in a big mouthful of air!

Rumble rumble——

The wide open bloody mouth of that falcon in midair seemed like a whirlpool as it sucked in the closest demonic beasts. After that, it circled outward from the center——

Jun Lin Yuan stood above the city wall, his gaze resolute and ice-cold, hidden in depth and bitingly cold, focused on the illusory falcon as it thoroughly engulfed the demonic beasts below!

The space beneath the city wall became completely devoid of life.

As if the demonic beasts tide had never appeared.

This simply……

Made people gasp in amazement!

Yan Yan saw Jun Lin Yuan three meters distance away from her. She silently moved one step forwards, then moved again another step, and continued to take another step——

Finally, she stood at a spot merely a meter away from Jun Lin Yuan……with this distance of only one meter, Yan Yan's heart was so excited that it almost jumped out of her throat——

In her whole life, this truly was the closest distance she'd ever been to Jun Lin Yuan.

Gazing at Jun Lin Yuan's elegant, imposing back, Yan Yan clenched her fists then loosened them, clenched her fists then loosened them again. She nervously and apprehensively thought, should she take this opportunity to strike a conversation with Jun Lin Yuan? But, it's so embarrassing——

Just when Yan Yan's psychological drama was about to overflow, the sound of horses and shout of surprise transmitted from a not distant place!

"Eh? Isn't there supposed to be a demonic beast tide here? Where are the demonic beasts?"

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi were slow in coming. Seeing that the area was completely empty, they immediately grumbled somewhat as they turned to Jun Lin Yuan. "Boss Jun, why didn't you leave a few demonic beasts and allow the two of us to obtain some merits using our skills."

Feng Xun's voice had just dropped——

Crash crash crash——

In the middle of the sky, the mouth of the illusory falcon faced downward and emptied. One burst after another of demonic beast bones fell from the sky, just like rain.

"Hey ow, hey ow!"

Feng Xun and Xuan Yi moved quickly to jump to the top of the wall.

Yan Yan saw Feng Xun speak to Jun Lin Yuan and envy and excitement burst in her heart……she wasn't able to get close to Jun Lin Yuan, but she's acquainted with Feng Xun. Not merely acquainted, he's even her cousin on her mother's side.

"Second Cousin——" Yan Yan pretended to sweetly and tenderly, softly call out to him.

Feng Xun turned his head to look. At once, his brows pursed. "Why are you here?"

A tender, soft, bright and beautiful smile appeared on Yan Yan's face. She smilingly pulled Feng Xun's arm and answered, voice dripping with honey. "Second Cousin, Mother and I were preparing to return to the capital. Are you also returning to the capital? How about we go together?"

Yan Yan thought excitedly. If they returned to the capital together, how could they not be in contact with Crown Prince Jun day and night? ! How would she not be able to benefit from this closeness (the pavillion closest to the water enjoys the moonlight first)? ! My god! Thinking of this, Yan Yan only felt her face burn hotly……

Feng Xun subconsciously removed her hand away from his arm as his pair of thick, sword shaped brows faintly knit together. "What's wrong with your voice?"

"Huh?" Yan Yan looked at Feng Xun in a puzzled manner.

Feng Xun spoke in a joyless manner. "You normally speak in both a pointed and sharp voice, clearly and loudly. How's it pretentious like the way it is now? This kind of coyish voice like your throat's been pinched doesn't suit you. Quickly change it back!"

Yan Yan only felt like she'd been struck by five peals of thunder! Her face reddened completely!

If possible, she wished she could throttle her own cousin, this cousin of hers, to death! Was it so horrible? ! She only wanted to put her best foot forward in front of Crown Prince Jun. Could she not even do this?

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