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Chapter 202: Do You Feel Ashamed Or Not?

Jun Lin Yuan's silhouette was already lost before their eyes.

When they refocused their eyes, at a very distant place, there was only a very small black dot remaining.

Once Feng Xun looked, in a flash, Xuan Yi also dashed away. He immediately scowled miserably and looked towards Feng Wu. "My Great Miss Feng, can you let me off? I also want to go and hunt the Blood Demon Dragon!"

Yan Yan turned to Feng Xun with a look of confusion. "Second Cousin, what's happened to you, she's no longer the genius Feng Wu for a long time now. You don't need to give her face. What are you afraid she'll do? She's pulling you like this, you should immediately throw her over the city wall!"

Feng Xun looked at Yan Yan as if he's looking at an idiot and breathed in deeply. "Do you want to cause, the, death, of, me? !"

"Huh?" Yan Yan was truly puzzled. Hey, this person was indeed the trash Feng Wu, why the hell was it necessary to give her face? What in the world was Cousin afraid of her for? !

Feng Xun scowled miserably and looked towards Feng Wu.

Feng Wu thought about the tiger's shadow that flashed by just now and the corners of her mouth lifted into a faint arc. "Do you feel ashamed or not?"

"Ashamed ashamed……"

"Do you feel guilty or not?"

"Guilty guilty……"

"Are you remorseful or not?"

"Remorseful remorseful……"

Yan Yan was simply struck dumb. Was this person still her cousin? Was this still the flamboyant, domineering, insufferably arrogant Young Prince Feng from the capital? She's already this old, yet had never seen her cousin so terrified before!

This was simply incredible to watch!

Yan Yan looked at Feng Wu in a very complicated way. This girl, what the hell kind of magic did she possess? Ning Chen Xi's feelings towards her were rooted and deep, Feng Xun also obeyed her every word?

Fortunately, Crown Prince Jun hadn't viewed her any differently, otherwise, Yan Yan felt that she'd truly go insane.

Feng Wu naturally didn't know that so many thoughts appeared in Yan Yan's brain in a flash. She only focused on Feng Xun. "Very good. Since it's like that then I'll give you a chance. Take me up the mountain."

"Huh?" Feng Xun quickly shook his head. "No way no way. You actually don't have the slightest bit of spirit force. Currently, the entire Death Canyon is in a state of major upheaval. You're throwing away your life in going there."




Feng Wu fixed her eyes on Feng Xun and spoke word by word.

"It's still out of the question! I can't treat your life as a joke!" Feng Xun straghtforwardly shook his head.

"Therefore, you feel that, based on your current strength, you're unable to protect me?" A faintly provoking smile appeared on the corners of Feng Wu's mouth. "Feng Xun, I even thought that you were so strong, but it turns out that you have no confidence in yourself like this."

Feng Wu simply must make a trip up the mountain.

Based on her speculation, this violent upheaval at Death Canyon would inevitably lead to a volcanic eruption!

"You must take that distinctive fire!" In Feng Wu's dimensional space, the Rainbow Phoenix's voice was excited and penetrating. "This is a strand of underworld fire! After I swallow it, I'll be able to come out! You have to obtain it!"

It's not Feng Wu who wanted to go up the mountain. Rather, it's the Rainbow Phoenix that Master gave to raise as a house pet back then. It needed a strand of fire from deep in the earth. Moreover, she had to accomplish this. If not, it's unknown what year, what month she'd need to wait until before the next strand of underworld fire will come her way.

Feng Xun looked at Feng Wu attentively, seriously looked at her. "……you have to go there?"

"I have to go there!" Feng Wu earnestly looked back at him, her eyes staring motionlessly.

Feng Xun stroked his chin, he was struggling inside.

Common sense told him that he shouldn't take Feng Wu up the mountain for this risky adventure. However, facing those beautiful eyes that were even deeper and more innocent than a deer's, he's unable to formulate a single word to reject her……what should he do?

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