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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Abandoned Genius II

Five years later, Martial Lord Empire, Northern Territories.

"Master! ! !"

Feng Wu cried out in alarm, her whole body sprung into a sitting position on the bed!

"Fifth Young Miss, Fifth Young Miss ———"

Outside the door, personal maid Qiu Ling hurriedly arrived, holding a basin full of water and placed it on the stand as she hastily ran to Feng Wu's side.

In Qiu Ling's view, her fifth lady was elegant and graceful, whose appearance shined, but at this moment, her complexion was as pale as snow.

Qiu Ling was extremely distressed, rushed to soften her voice and asked. "Did Miss have a nightmare?"

Feng Wu turned towards Qiu Ling. As her head cleared bit by bit, she finally recalled how Zuo Qing Yun destroyed her true phoenix blood. In order to save her, master exhausted himself once more and lost consciousness……this wasn't a dream, but was instead something that truly happened five years ago!

Since her true phoenix blood was destroyed, she, who previously was a genius, fell from

grace, and became the Feng clan's shame, even her beautiful mother and brother were thrown out together to the empire's border city of the Northern Territories———-the Feng family's old home.

Qiu Ling fetched a pair of shaggy slippers, placed them in front of Feng Wu, and supported her to the front of the dressing table to help dress and groom her.

"Sister! Older Sister! There's a letter from the Imperial Capital!"

The sound of hurried footsteps transmitted, very quickly, a very small youngster rushed in like a gust of wind.

The little youngster appeared to be twelve years old and was very good-looking.

His skin was better than snow, his features were refined, especially that pair of eyes, long and dense eyelashes turned up slightly, the dark eyes were large and exceptionally bright.

Not waiting for Feng Wu to ask, Seventh Little Feng stuffed the letter in his hand into Feng Wu's hand.

"Older Sister, hurry and read it!" This was a red envelope, which represented an early warning, it's not surprising that Seventh Little Feng was this anxious.

Bystanders were anxious, yet Feng Wu's expression was as calm and collected

collected as before, her slender fingers as fair as jade opened the envelope, while her eyes scanned the contents once.

"Sister!" Little Seventh Feng looked unblinkingly at Feng Wu, saw her knit her brows, and became even more anxious. "Did something happen at the capital? Was there some misfortune?"

Qiu Ling was also a face full of curiosity and nervousness.

Feng Wu held up the letter in her hand and faintly smiled. "It's nothing, Jun Lin Yuan is carrying out an inspection of the border cities, that's all."

Qiu Ling cried out in surprise. "That powerful as the heavens, unsurpassed crown prince wants to come?"

Feng Wu 'hm'ed. "Him, we just need to avoid him. It's just that the Feng family had continuously attempted to cling to this crown prince, so I'm afraid people from the clan will be coming again."

"Ah! Then

"Ah! Then what should we do? !" Seventh Little Feng was almost jumping up and down. "We've already been thrown out to this old home at the border, what else do they want? Do they want to eradicate us? !"

Feng Wu shot an unhappy glance at Seventh Little Feng. "What are you worried for?"

Seventh Little Feng was so worried he nearly cried. "Older Sister! How can I be calm! If you were like before, no matter who came, you could send them flying easily, but now, you……your cultivation has already been crippled!"

"Seventh Young Master!" Qiu Ling's expression was unprecedentedly strict!

Seventh Little Feng also realized he'd misspoken as his hands covered his mouth, and two eyes guiltily opened wide as they stared at Feng Wu. For a period of time, he didn't know what to do.

Feng Wu smiled indifferently. "So what if my cultivation has been crippled. Does it mean that your older sister can never cultivate again?"

Seventh Little Feng's eyes instantly shined. "Sister! You have a way? Did you find a way to cultivate again? !"

Feng Wu spread out her hands. "Not yet."

In a flash Seventh a flash Seventh Little Feng's shoulders collapsed defeatedly.

At an angle that others couldn't see, a mysterious deep thought appeared within Feng Wu's eyes.

Master had said that in order to cultivate again, she'd need to refine a Nine Spirit Reversal Pill.

She knew the remedy and also knew how to refine the pill. It's just that she's still one medical ingredient short —— Immortal Spirit Fruit.

This Immortal Spirit Fruit, Feng Wu had been watching it attentively for five years, and could tell that it's going to ripen soon……

Feng Wu also understood well that the Feng family's Eldest Feng and Sixth Feng will be arriving very soon. Based on these two people's aggressive personality, without protection, her beautiful mother and sweet brother will undoubtedly be bullied miserably. That's why she needed to quickly obtain the Immortal Spirit Fruit and start to cultivate!

Feng Wu clenched her fists tightly: Jun Lin Yuan, are you really merely inspecting the Northern Territories, that simple? !

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