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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Meeting at Cloud Gathering Pavilion

Northern Territories, Cloud Gathering Pavilion.

Cloud Gathering Pavilion was the nearest restaurant to Icebound Forest, many cultivators who entered Icebound Forest would stop at Cloud Gathering Pavilion. That's why customers came like the clouds here, prosperous and thriving.

It's just that those who ordinarily came were mostly male, but today, some strange wind was blowing. Practically all of the people sitting at the restaurant were beautiful young ladies who were dressed up.

Today, Feng Wu's vivacious beautiful face was disguised with makeup, turning into a common, ordinary young lady, that dazzling charm and spirited bearing was also mostly covered up.

Qiu Ling was also disguised as a very unremarkable little maid.

Feng Wu and Qiu Ling just sat down when the voices of a conversation clearly transmitted over.

"Will the crown prince really come to Northern Territories?"

"Based on reliable news, the crown

prince already arrived at Northern Territories. I used quite a bit of money to purchase this news, you can't tell others!"

"This time, I can finally glimpse at the crown prince's elegant manner! He's actually an exceptional young genius at the top of the rankings! To be able to see him up close, I haven't lived in vain."

Feng Wu: "……"

Qiu Ling pouted as she inwardly ridiculed them, these young ladies truly haven't seen the world. Was meeting the crown prince enough for them to not have lived in vain? Her own young miss was even betrothed to the crown prince before!

"Eh? There's even an empty seat here, no offense if I sat here, right?" A voice pleasant to the ear sounded by Feng Wu's ear.

Feng Wu raised her head and faced a quick-witted, pretty pair of eyes.

Feng Xun? With a single glance, Feng Wu instantly recognized the figure before her, a youngster whose body exuded an unordinary cultivator's aura.


Recalling back then at the capital, they even fought before. It's just that right now, her appearance had been modified. In addition to five years having passed, it's normal that Feng Xun was unable to recognize her.

If she hadn't remembered incorrectly, Feng Xun and Jun Ling Yuan were actually friends who grew up together, companions who got along the best.

With a 'paa', his fan opened and covered most of his face, after which he faced Feng Wu and smiled. "You guys can act as if I'm not here."

Not disturb each other? How's that possible, Feng Wu thought inwardly. She came out to ask about Jun Lin Yuan and to find out if he

if he came because of the Immortal Spirit Fruit. By chance, Feng Xun ran right into them, how could she let him go?

Feng Wu pondered inwardly as she thought about how she should go about getting the information she needed from Feng Xun without alerting him.

Feng Xun loved excitement. His pair of round eyes spun around the entire restaurant.

Suddenly, he used the folding fan to jab at Feng Wu. "You know who that is?"

Feng Wu followed the direction of shaft of his fan and looked over. It was a woman at the prime of youth who wore a hat with a veil. Looking through the hazy white thin cloth, it was possible to see a little bit of an outline.


"Fairy Mu Yao." The corners of Feng Xun's mouth curved.

Feng Wu's eyes were slightly alarmed. Jade Palace's holy lady, Fairy Mu Yao?"

"Precisely." Feng Xun complacently raised his brows. "Did she think that she could escape my eyes by wearing a by wearing a hat with a veil? You should know that these eyes of mine are discerning eyes."

Even Jade Palace's Holy Lady is secretly pursuing the crown prince? She didn't expect that Jun Lin Yuan was now so surprisingly popular.

Voices of discussions continuously transmitted from within the crowd.

"Right, did you guys hear, that fifth daughter of the Feng family was abandoned by the clan five years ago. I heard that during these years, she's been living at this border city."

"The one you mean shouldn't be Feng Wu, right?" A voice entered the conversation.

"Besides that Feng Wu, who could it be? Speaking of which, I feel vexed whenever I hear this name. What do you guys think, how could she still have the face to continuing using this name. Why hasn't she changed her name, yet?"

"This, is there a story behind this?"

"Surprisingly, you don't know?"

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