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Chapter 1: Abandoned Cripple

Martial Lord Empire.

Zuo Qing Yun and Feng Wu were both only eight years old.


The cold violet double-edged sword in Zuo Qing Yun's hand thrusted at the space between Feng Wu's eyebrows!

A drop of amber colored true phoenix blood was dug out by the point of the sword, suspended in midair.

Zuo Qing Yun's left hand grabbed that amber colored bead of blood. With a 'puchi' sound, it was immediately squeezed and exploded!

A handful of blood, yet, a strange cold smile bloomed on Zuo Qing Yun's face.

Watching the little girl in so much pain that she curled up on the ground, Zuo Qing Yun laughed coldly.

"Feng Wu! In this world, there can only be one person possessing true phoenix blood! Since there's already me, then why did you have to exist!"

"Who wants to be joined with you as a pair of phoenixes in the capital? What qualifications do you have to be mentioned on equal terms as me? !"

"So what if you were betrothed early on? The crown prince consort's position is mine, Jun Lin Yuan is also mine!"

"Surprisingly, the one who Jade Palace's Empress favored was you? Heh heh, now, you're already a cripple! The goddess of Jade Palace can only be me! You can go die now!"

The cold violet sword in Zuo Qing Yun's hand immediately thrusted at Feng Wu's heart! Both of Feng Wu's hands held firmly to that cold violet sword, the palms of her hands were cut by the sword's edge, blood flowed profusely, yet it seemed as if she couldn't feel the pain.

At the space between her brows, spirit qi vaporized unceasingly. The entire body of one said to be a heaven defying cultivator, at this moment, was fading away at a rate visible to the naked eye.

Her gifted cultivator's body was fading away because of the disappearance of her true phoenix' blood!

Feng Wu's pair of pitch-black, deep eyes rigidly stared fixedly at Zuo Qing Yun!

"Go die!" Zuo Qing Yun exerted force. In an instant, the cold violet sword pierced through Feng Wu's heart, 'pllkkch' sounded, the force penetrated, bright red blood spurt and splashed like mist, spraying on Zuo Qing Yun's face.

Zuo Qing Yun's bloodstained face smiled eerily. "From now on, my name is Zuo Qing Luan*! Noble Luan fire phoenix, the ruler of all birds. I, Zuo Qing Luan, is the only phoenix ordained by heaven in all of Martial Lord Empire!"

Feng Wu fell on the ground. Her originally clear pupils gradually became hazy. She saw the Zuo family's leader support Zuo Qing Yun and gradually move further away. She could feel her own consciousness slipping away. She could feel her own life gradually fading……

Zuo Qing Yun, you took advantage of the time my master, Master Meiren, is condensing his corporeal body to destroy my true phoenix blood. Wait until my master appears, your entire family, your entire clan, even all of Martial Lord Empire, will they be able to endure his fury? !

Her Master wasn't human, it's more accurate to say that he's a soul connected to her Dragon Phoenix Spirit Ring.

They say that fate determined our incarnation and that having a good father was better than anything.

Feng Wu expressed pride. Even though she hadn't seen her father before, she had the most, most, most awesome beautiful master in all of the continent!

She still remembered the first time she triggered the Dragon Phoenix Spirit Ring, her beautiful master slowly appeared from the spirit ring's space.

She was three years old at the time, naive and pure as she looked up at the young man dressed in dirt free white clothes. "Are you……very strong?"

Both of her master's hands were placed behind him as he replied casually. "It's acceptable, I used to dominate this continent."

During these years, beautiful master, who existed as only a soul, was finally able to condense divine phoenix blood, then prepared to refine a corporeal body. That way, he would no longer merely exist as a soul within the Dragon Phoenix Spirit Ring.

Was it a hallucination that emerged at death's door? Feng Wu's eyelids became heavier and heavier and seemed to see a person dressed in white, whiter than snow, whose entire body was graceful, a beautiful master who's just like a god.

A voluminous pure white jade flower, just like a pure and holy white snowflake that's been purified.

He tread gently on the breeze appearing from within the Dragon Phoenix Ring.

When Feng Wu was conscious again, she discovered that she was already lying in the crook of his warm arms.

On his body was the world's cleanest breath, the fresh and clean essences which lingered on plants.

"Master……" After Feng Wu saw her loved one, her nose tingled as the truth was revealed.

Master could hold her, Master succeeded in condensing his body! He finally fulfilled his long cherished wish!

Master's snow white loose robe spread in layers upon layers of folds on the ground, that pair of deep, self-controlled beautiful eyes fixed at the wound between Feng Wu's eyebrows. He didn't express any fluctuations in his emotions.

"Master, will I die?" The little girl's pupils were as clear as water.

His eyebrows were as calm as still winds and light winds. "No."

After he spoke, his jade like slender fingers pointed, very quickly, a drop of gold colored blood flew out from the space between his eyebrows.

Feng Wu's eyes shrunk violently! That was divine phoenix blood! Master's divine phoenix blood! It was much more powerful than true phoenix blood!

Master spoke coldly and apathetically. "Don't move around."

He forced the drop of divine phoenix blood into the area between Feng Wu's eyebrows.


Feng Wu felt a very bad premonition from her heart. "Master! I won't die, but how about you? ! Divine phoenix blood is the source of life essence for your soul, without it, your body……"

His eyes were mysterious and profound. "The divine phoenix blood will serve as a temporary seal, a Nine Spirit Reversal Pill is needed for you to cultivate again……"

Before finishing his sentence, his body gradually disappeared.

"No!" All of the veins on Feng Wu's body, which was covered in blood bulged. 'Hiisss', all of the strength in her body was exhausted!

She did all she could to extend her hand and hold onto him!


But her master, who seemed as pure and holy as an immortal still faded away between her fingers……

"Master!" Feng Wu, whose strength was exhausted, kneeled on the ground with a bang, covered in red, blood soaked clothes from head to toe, her fair complexioned face mottled with blood stains, even more red were her eyes sobbing blood!

Her heart was so distressed, she couldn't breathe!

Heart to pained her whole body twitched!

She blamed herself and wished that she could kill herself!

Zuo Qing Yun destroyed her true phoenix blood, yet she didn't hate like this!

She'd rather die than to have her pure and holy, faultless master receive the slightest bit of injury, so unwilling was she to part with him!

Hate, loathing!

Feng Wu angrily clenched her fists tightly, her fingernails practically stabbed into her flesh, her fingertips were dripping blood!

Zuo Qing Yun, this enmity is absolutely irreconcilable. I, Feng Wu, swear not to exist in the same world as you! ! !

From the author: PS: I finally published a new book, a little sapling waiting for the little angels to bless it ~~ then have us irrigate it to become a big, firm tree ~~ I beg for it to be bookmarked, beg for comments, beg for recommendations, beg for gratuities ~~ begging for everything for this new book ~~ mua mua

Misty: Meiren means Beautiful Person

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