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Chapter 198: How Can It Possibly Be Crown Prince Jun?

Just as she's about to speak, Madam Yan's pair of strict eyes were like the cold edge of a blade as they swept over her face. Yan Yan immediately no longer spoke.

Madam Yan gazed towards Feng Wu with a very complicated look.

Previously, when they were at Needs Filled Temple, she only felt that this girl was aggressive and domineering, vulgar and violent. However, after the close call with the demonic beast tide and earthquakes, Madam Yan actually gradually changed her point of view towards Feng Wu.

At the soft space between Madam Yan's eyebrows, here, a throbbing pain manifested from time to time. Could it be that this young lady had truly accurately diagnosed her condition? She truly suffered from an incurable disease and would leave this world not long from now?

Thinking of this, Madam Yan only felt her heart rate speed up and her back turning cold……her hand subconsciously covered the pit of her stomach.

But it's no use thinking of these things right now. What's most important was to get through the obstacle before them.

"Mother, she——" Yan Yan wanted to complain to Madam Yan.

But what was hard for her to believe was that her mother, who had always shielded her one-sidedly presently actually admonished her with an exceptionally strict tone of voice. "Shut up if you don't want to die!"

Yan Yan suddenly felt extremely aggrieved, and cried with 'wah wah' sounds as she ran away……

But Madam Yan could no longer bother with Yan Yan's little temper. She looked into Feng Wu's eyes, revealing a bit of hope and expectation, revealing a bit of appreciation, and also some nervousness.

At a time were life and death was on the line, time passed especially slowly. Each second seemed as long as a century.

However, time still passed minute by minute, second by second.

Everyone stood on top of the city gate tower, their gazes stretching far into the distance with great effort, towards the direction of Peaceful Remote City. Everybody waited for support troops to appear in the distant horizon that could save them from the midst of fires.

"Where are the rescue troops? Why are there no rescue troops, why……"

"How much time has already passed now?"

"Fourteen minutes already. There's only the very last minute left——"

Again, it's the most urgent single last minute……General Wu observed the densely packed demonic beast tide below the city walls. A deep feeling of despair appeared in his heart.

Because he'd been stationed at Winding Peace City for years on end, General Wu and demons**had engaged many times, but none of those times were like this time. The demonic beasts surged towards them with an absolutely crushing momentum——

"Fifty nine, fifty eight, fifty seven, fifty six——"

With each passing second, everybody's hearts pulsed violently.

Each and every person on top of the city wall, as they focused into the distance, they focused at the demonic beast tide, while also focusing on the Assembly Pagoda——

The very last spirit crystal had already been inserted into the Assembly Pagoda. Along with the passing of time, the originally bright rays of light from the Assembly Pagoda could be seen to be darkening at a speed visible to the naked eye——

Oh no——

At this moment, the color of despair appeared inside everyone's hearts.

So much so that ice-cold despair even burst forth within Feng Wu's heart.

Because she also was out of ideas.

What she could do was to strive her hardest in protecting the people beside her, however……based on her current strength, how would it be possible for her to protect them?

Just when Feng Wu's brain was in a great mess, suddenly——

"Look everybody! A person, there's a figure approaching on horseback in the northeast direction! He's coming towards our direction! He's coming towards us!"

It was unknown who cried out in surprise!

Instantly, everybody's line of sight looked towards that direction!

"But, there's merely a single figure, what difference can he make?" Yan Yan scowled sullenly. "If that person is Crown Prince Jun, then undoubtedly he'd have the insane power to turn things around. However, how can it possibly be Crown Prince Jun? Eh? This figure, why does it look more and more like……can it be that prior to facing death's door, hallucinations are appearing?"

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