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Chapter 199: Lord Of The World!

Yan Yan thought that hallucinations were appearing in her mind, that's how she could see Jun Lin Yuan's image.

But at this moment, the surrounding areas on top of the city wall already exploded into surprised shouts!

"Crown Prince Jun! It's Crown Prince Jun!"

"Heavens! Crown Prince Jun single handedly killed through a path to this place!"

"Has Crown Prince Jun come to save us? We're going to be saved, right? !"

Yan Yan rubbed her ears. Can it be that after she started hallucinating, she also started to hear things?

She rubbed her eyes and saw that elegant figure on horseback charging through the center of the densely packed demonic beast tide below the city walls!

His speed was at maximum, just like a blood red shooting star streaking across the horizon!

The young man's handsome and bright figure leapt high up!

The Heaven Punishing Sword in his hand streaked across the sky in a brilliant dazzling arc!

The shock waves from the sword image was just like an earth shattering semi-circular curve as they enveloped downwards!

Crash crash crash——

The sword image blasted towards the edge of the beast tide!

Everyone on top of the city wall covered their mouths in shock!

They saw with their own eyes a big wave of demonic beasts getting injured by this blastwave, blood sprayed at each other like blood arrows!

Some of their bodies shook and swayed several times before falling to the ground.

Some of them fell to the ground after they took a few steps backward.

Some attempted to flee but only flew half way up before they fell back to the ground——

The sword aura from Jun Lin Yuan's single sword strike seemed to split heaven and earth apart. The aura of death filled the entire world!

This one strike cleared a huge expanse!

By visual estimation, at least half of the demonic beasts had been killed!

He proved himself to be the Jun Lin Yuan whose anger could change the world!

Jun Lin Yuan stood high up in midair. That pair of ice-cold, deep eyes were like a cold, deep pool as they focused on the demonic beasts below. It's just like he's looking at dead animals.

His eyes were ice-cold. The point of his sword pointed into the blue dome of heaven like a supreme ruler!

"My god! Crown Prince Jun, Crown Prince Jun, he……is too incredible! Only one strike, he merely, only used one strike to exterminate more than half of the demonic beasts! Is he still human, is he birthed from a god? !"

"These demonic beasts actually forced us into critical danger several times, but in front of Crown Prince Jin, they're like little ants waiting to be slaughtered. How can there be such a big disparity between one human to another!"

"Power overflowing the skies, supreme and unsurpassed, heaven defying talent, boundless prospects……a Crown Prince Jun like this, who among the women in the whole world can match him?" General Wu sighed repeatedly.

Jun Lin Yuan's dark eyes were raw and sharp, dangerous and deadly!

As if a look from him could turn one into a corpse.

By the side, Yan Yan watched that powerful being hovering over the demonic beast tide looking disdainfully below him. Her eyes sparkled and shined, her ears turned entirely red as she mumbled to herself: Jun Lin Yuan, Jun Lin Yuan, Jun Lin Yuan……

Feng Wu saw Jun Lin Yuan and her brows faintly knitted together.

Jun Lin Yuan is indeed strong. His current strength ought to be……if at that time, her Phoenix True Blood wasn't destroyed and it was allowed to grow to the same age as Jun Lin Yuan, would she be as powerful as he is?

Thinking to this point, Feng Wu clenched her fists. The speed at which her cultivation advanced was still too slow……

"Awoo Ahh——" This pack of originally aggressive and overbearing demonic beasts which were tearing down the city wall and destroying the Assembly Pagoda were scared to the point of shivering by Jun Lin Yuan's strike. Their howling sounds charged out in all directions!

Only one move!

Jun Lin Yuan only used one move to kill over half of these demonic beasts, while the other half wailed as they scattered in all directions to flee!

Jun Lin Yuan watched the demonic beasts disperse in all directions. Within those eyes hidden in depth, a chilliness appeared!

If the demonic beasts scattered and invaded the surrounding villages, then the consequences would be extremely serious!

Just at this time—-

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