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Chapter 197: I Don't Want To Die!

"Ha haha haha——the main array has been cleared! The main array has been reconnected! No more obstructions! Such a skilled formations master!" Greatmaster Lin's eyes were bright and full of expression as he gazed at Feng Wu. "What level of a formation master are you actually? You can't be a level three formations master, right? !"

Yan Yan and the others were totally shocked as they gazed at Feng Wu!

What? !

This suffocatingly beautiful girl, unexpectedly really was a formations master? ! Moreover, even a very skilled formations master? How's that possible? !

Feng Wu indifferently shot a glance at Greatmaster Lin. "Level three formations master?"

"Level three formations master?" Feng Wu smiled indifferently. She didn't admit it, nor did she deny it as she ambiguously questioned.

Greatmaster Lin was unable to clearly sense what level of a formations master Feng Wu was. However, this wasn't the most important matter at hand. He asked brimming with hope. "……So, can you fully repair it?"

Feng Wu replied. "I can't."

Greatmaster Lin was choked. "But from the looks of your techniques just now, skilled and fluent, why……"

Feng Wu unhappily shot a glance at Greatmaster Lin and didn't answer him, instead, she changed the subject. "If the defense formation was intact, what amount of spirit crystals will it consume?"

"This is a grade 2 Assembly Pagoda. Under the state of being attacked, one spirit crystal will be consumed per minute."

Feng Wu asked levelly. "What about now?"

"Currently, this broken formation's rate of consumption is……huh? It's consuming half of a crystal per minute! I understand now!"

Greatmaster Lin's eyes shined as he gazed at Feng Wu. "Therefore, it's not necessary to completely restore the formation, because it's possible to save spirit crystals this way!"

Feng Wu circulated spirit force and slowly poured it into the Assembly Pagoda. One seal after another emerged from the palms of her hands and assembled inside the pagoda.

The originally damaged body of the pagoda was restored inch by inch.

"Therefore, how long can we persevere?" General Wu didn't know when he already stood behind Feng Wu, as he used a kind of very complicated gaze to look at her.

Who in the world was this girl?

She could bring Madam Ning back to life, who Pill Master Ba Junior had already declared dead; she could restore the formation that Greatmaster Lin had judged to be broken……

"One quarter of an hour." Feng Wu's solemn and grave gaze turned to General Wu. "This is what I can fight for on your behalf, the most time possible."

One quarter of an hour, sigh……the originally ecstatic General Wu's appearance again sunk into a bitter smile. Within his eyes was a trace of despair. "A quarter hour of time. That's not enough for rescue forces to come. It seems that in the end, we'll still die defending Winding Peace City. Our bones will be buried at this Winding Peace City."

After he said this, General Wu looked at Feng Wu with eyes full of regret. Such outstanding medical expertise, such surpassing formations skills, also such a devastatingly beautiful face will still be buried at Winding Peace City. Could it be that it's true that the heavens were jealous?

"A quarter hour of time? ! Do you think that a quarter hour of time is of any use? !" Yan Yan glared at Feng Wu, keyed up and anxious. "I don't want to die! I don't care, no matter what, you have to protect this Assembly Pagoda! You have to hold it together!"

Feng Wu didn't pay her any attention as she lowered her head and only concentrated on maintaining the formation.

Greatmaster Lin couldn't put up with it any longer as he glared at Yan Yan. "You don't want to die. Can it be that somebody wants to die? ! Besides threatening, can you do anything that's the least bit useful? ! Who owes you, who wants to look at this face of yours!"

Greatmaster Lin was normally cold, proud, and condescending, but that's because he hadn't found something that he worshiped. Just now, once Feng Wu showed her skills, she immediately subdued him. Facing this expert in his field, Greatmaster Lin instinctively worshiped and revered her. Therefore, he instinctively protected her.

Publicly criticized by Greatmaster Lin, Yan Yan nearly choked enough to die.

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