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Chapter 196: Are You Trying to Kill All Of Us? ! ! !

"This is actually the Assembly Pagoda! What would you know? ! Hurry and stop!"

"Are you trying to kill all of us? ! ! !"

These screams burst forth at nearly the same time. Their voices blended together, instead making it more difficult to hear clearly.

However, even if she could hear them clearly, Feng Wu still wouldn't care.

The only thing she cared about was that absolutely nothing could happen to her and her loved ones!

Just as Greatmaster Lin frantically threw himself at her, a cold chill appeared in Feng Wu's eyes. "The main array inside the Assembly Pagoda has been obstructed, with three auxiliary lines fractured and five nodes clogged. You blindly stuff spirit crystals inside. You think that's going to be useful? Do you really know how to fix this!"

Greatmaster Lin was stunned by the sound of Feng Wu's rebuke. He very much wanted to say that he's just a level two formations master. It's already quite good that he could normally maintain the Assembly Pagoda in working order. How could he possibly repair it? ! Only a level three or above formations master could make repairs, ok? !

As a so-called expert who could understand the field of formations, once these words were spoken by Feng Wu, Greatmaster Lin was subdued at once.

Feng Wu continued with displeasure. "Give me the compression loop."

Greatmaster Lin was actually an esteemed formations master. At Winding Peace City, his position was only second to General Wu. Currently being scolded in public, he nearly flew into a rage out of humiliation. But what Greatmaster Lin himself didn't expect was that he actually obediently handed the compression loop over to Feng Wu.

General Wu was somewhat amazed.

Master Lin's temperament was well-known near and far, indescribably foul tempered, aloof and arrogant. If it wasn't for his status as a formations master, he would've been beaten to death by now, and at the moment, he surprisingly really obediently handed the compression loop over to a young girl?

After Feng Wu took the compression loop, she had no time to think further. At once, she aimed at the main array and started to fix it.

She held her breath in rapt attention. As she used the compression loop to unblock one of the main circuit, she extended her hand.

"Large spirit crystal."

"Medium spirit crystal."

"Small spirit crystal."

"Ten thousand beast bone, long."

"Ten thousand beast bone, short."

As Feng Wu continued to bang at different parts of the Assembly Pagoda, she coldly extended her hand so Greatmaster Lin could fetch her the items she needed.

On the one hand, she wanted to restore the exterior condition of the Assembly Pagoda. On the other hand, we wanted to make use of the laws of formations to sort out the extremely complex array inside. She completely focused her attention, her expression solemn and calm.

Time passed by the seconds, a minute was almost up.

"Ten, nine, eight, seven……"

The surrounding people's hearts bathumped bathumped nervously as their hearts nearly jumped out!

"Five, four, three, two, one!"

When they counted to one, Yan Yan only felt her brains become totally blank, as if something exploded inside her heart!

It's the end, this is the end, they're all going to die……

But just as Yan Yan closed her eyes and waited for death, she amazingly discovered, hey!

How come there's no sound?

She opened her eyes to find that the surrounding people, without exception, all used a kind of extremely shocked gaze to watch the girl on top of the city wall.

Feng Wu's looks was already heavenly and out of this world. Add to that her current expression of focused attention and her entire body seemed to shine, so suffocatingly beautiful!

Yan Yan scratched her head and cried out in surprise. "The Assembly Pagoda hasn't shattered? The defensive formation is still working? ! The demonic beast tide still hasn't charged inside? !"

General Wu was also filled with amazement.

Didn't Greatmaster Lin say……could it be that Greatmaster Lin's estimations were incorrect?

And at this moment, Greatmaster Lin used a kind of ecstatic and heated stare fixedly at Feng Wu, stared without blinking for awhile!

After inserting a spirit crystal just now, the originally darkened and lightless defense formation unexpectedly shined a little bit!

What did this represent? !

This meant that the formation had been restored, at least the main array had been cleared!

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