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Chapter 195: Are You Crazy? ! Stop Immediately!

After everyone heard Yan Yan speak, they all became dumbfounded.

That's right, stunned. A formations master was so precious, so rare, where would they find one at this junction?

General Wu appeared totally distressed. "It's not that our Winding Peace City doesn't have a formations master stationed here, after all, our defensive formation normally needs to be maintained and its spirit crystals replenished daily. Therefore, the formation masters guild sent a formations master here to help us."

"Then isn't that fine? !" Yan Yan glared at General Wu.

Right at this time, the sound of urgent footsteps burst from outside. "General, majorly bad news! The Assembly Pagoda is going to fall soon! Greatmaster Lin said that he can't hold it anymore. There's only one last minute left!"

The very last minute……

There's not even three minutes anymore. There's actually only one last minute remaining? !

At this moment, a vacant and panic-stricken expression appeared on almost everybody's face.

Are they just going to die!

What's it like after people died? Lying down on the ground, allowing their corpses to rot and worms to eat. Henceforth, it'll no longer be possible to see the skies, no longer possible to breathe air, no longer able to eat fine food, no longer able to see friends and family……thinking of this, Yan Yan nearly went crazy!

A grave and solemn expression appeared in Feng Wu's eyes.

The Assembly Pagoda was at the city gate. When she came in recently, she took a glimpse of it. At the time, she noticed that its spirit qi was still adequate, yet she didn't expect the damage to occur so quickly like this.

If possible, Feng Wu didn't like to expose that she's a formations master in front of everyone at all.

At the time, when Master was still around, he'd told her that her capacity as a formations master could become a hidden trump card, because if formations were used in battle, then it's possible to gain a very clear amplification effect, so much so that sometimes, it's possible to deliver a sudden strike and killing blow upon the enemy!

But now, the demonic beasts were going to break into the city soon.

Maybe she could escape this calamity, but her mother, and also Qiu Ling, Nanny Zhao, Uncle Qiu……as well as the entire population of Winding Peace City. Everyone would be buried within this beast tide.

Feng Wu didn't waste any words as she turned and quickly dashed towards the Assembly Pagoda!

Yan Yan reacted and charged behind Feng Wu as she shouted. "Do you know anything about formations? Running so quickly, looking to be reincarnated? !"

Actually, while Feng Wu ran, also everyone followed her and charged towards the city gate!

On top of the city wall, that Assembly Pagoda was prominent and dazzling.

The originally sparkling, bright, and radiant pagoda already weakened and darkened at present to the point of almost lacking light. Moreover, it was quite seriously damaged.

Because of its existence, such a peaceful area still existed within Winding Peace City.

Once it shattered……

Feng Wu didn't dare to continue to think about it. She stood under the Assembly Pagoda, her gaze swept over the Assembly Pagoda like lightning. With just one look, Feng Wu could see the most critical area of damage!

And at present, Greatmaster Lin's pair of hands were clearly shaking. He was continually pouring spirit crystals into a recess on the assembly pagoda. As he poured them in, he was sweating anxiously. "Why isn't this working? Why isn't this working?"

Feng Wu fetched a spirit crystal and rubbed it against a damaged area of the Assembly Pagoda!

Once Greatmaster Lin raised his head and unexpectedly saw a young girl before him touching the Assembly Pagoda, be immediately went crazy and roared loudly. "What're you doing? ! Quit making trouble! Get lost immediately! ! !"

On account of the defense formation failing soon from damage, Greatmaster Lin was stressed as a result, deeply worried, disturbed, ashamed and uneasy, frightened……various kinds of feelings were interwoven in his heart. Therefore seeing Feng Wu interfering caused him to totally explode!

At present, Yan Yan and the rest arrived.

They surprisingly saw Feng Wu mess with the Assembly Pagoda and immediately, everybody was stunned, following which were violent shouting!

"Are you crazy? ! Stop immediately!"

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