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Chapter 192: How's This Possible?

Jiang Yuan. "……"

Because pill refining masters were extremely rare, every single person was extremely precious, therefore, Jiang Yuan had also been very arrogant, complacent, and also thought that he was a genius……however, after he had personally witnessed this Miss Feng's exceptional medical skills, only then did he distinctly become aware that he was a frog at the bottom of the well after all.

"She was giving me directions just now……" Jiang Yuan watched the busy Feng Wu and spoke with a sigh of emotion. "These are advanced medical techniques, yet she wasn't the least stingy in teaching them to me. So magnanimous, so charitable, truly makes a person……exceedingly ashamed. I, Jiang ah me, what virtue, how're my abilities worth mentioning……"

He'd always been a middle level pill refining master. Precisely because he hadn't had a chance to have access to any records of advanced medical techniques, he hadn't comprehended the mysteries of advanced medical techniques. Therefore, he'd always been unable to level up.

Just now, even though Miss Feng had only spoken very little, he was able to benefit greatly from her!

"Ah!" Jiang Yuan suddenly cried out loud. "The slips of paper just now! Are those slips of paper still around?"

Pill Master Li nodded his head. "They're all here. Because there are still directions for the follow-up care, we haven't thrown them out right away."

"Hurry and give them to me! Hurry and give all of them to me!" Jiang Yuan anxiously fished those slips of paper out of the pill refining master's embrace, and stuffed them all into his own embrace!

Everything in here were certainly all of the most concise, the most rapid, the most efficient ways to treat different injured people!

In the future, he wanted to research them carefully. Each and every single word on these slips of paper would be dissected, analyzed, studied and mastered!

Some of Feng Wu's attention was diverted to Pill Master Jiang, therefore, in regards to his words and actions, she'd already seen through them clearly early on. Because she'd seen through them clearly, appreciation flashed within her eyes.

As long as a person earnestly studied with all of their effort, they'd unconsciously cause people to have a favorable impression towards them. Currently, Feng Wu looked at Pill Master Jiang precisely in this way.

"Jiang Yuan——" Feng Wu called out faintly.

"Yes!" Jiang Yuan dashed over, a face full of smiles. "Miss Feng, do you have any other instructions? Do you need me to do anything?"

Feng Wu glanced at him and spoke levelly. "The injuries received by the townspeople are not very similar to those of the soldiers at all, therefore, the treatment cases on those slips of paper are far from enough."

"Miss Feng——" A tinge of anxiety appeared in Jiang Yuan's eyes. He didn't expect that his petty actions had been seen through by Miss Feng. "Sorry, I didn't mean to steal your medical knowledge, actually I……"

Feng Wu shot a puzzled glance at him. "Why would you need to steal medical knowledge? Can't you learn them openly?"

Jiang Yuan's eyes filled with surprise. "Miss Feng, do you mean that I truly can study the treatment methods on those slips of paper? Is it really ok?"

Feng Wu stated expressionlessly. "You won't be able to learn from the treatment methods on those slips. They're too profound for you. Since you want to learn, then let's start with advanced medical techniques."

After speaking, Feng Wu then pointed at the patient that she's in the middle of treating. "This patient was actually injured by a Sharp Toothed Leopard. A Sharp Toothed Leopard's fangs contains poison. If we use advanced medical techniques to treat him, then normally……"

Jiang Yuan's entire body froze. "……"

So then, not only did Miss Feng not rebuke him for stealing her techniques, she instead even combined an advanced pill refining master's theories with medical practice and showed him how to provide treatment while she explained it to him……

Such practiced fingers and smooth narrations, such incredibly accurate medical expertise……at what level was this really?

Advanced pill refining master? Certainly not.

Greatmaster pill refining master? Maybe great scholar level pill refining master?

No no no……even if Miss Feng started to learn medical techniques while she was still in the womb, it had still only been some ten plus years……how's this possible?

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