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Chapter 193: What Face Do I Have to Face Feng Wu?

Feng Wu casted over a cheerless glance. "Have you understood what you heard?"

"Yes, yes, understood……"

"If you've understood everything then work accordingly. For the same types of cases, I'll only give instructions once. Your understanding will be based upon your perception, not understanding will be a consequence of your talent or lack thereof." Feng Wu continued. "There are so many soldiers at Winding Peace City. In the future, its protection will depend on you. I actually hope that you'll be able to comprehend a bit more."

So it's like that……

Jiang Yuan finally understood why Miss Feng would teach him these most effective medical techniques without being stingy about it at all. It's all so that he could save even more soldiers in the future……

"So it's because of this reason that you generously taught me these profound advanced medical treatment methods to me?"

Feng Wu casted a doubtful glance at Jiang Yuan. "Profound, advanced medical treatment methods? You're overthinking it, you know? This is merely the most basic medical care, that's all. What's there to hide or conceal? If you want, you can disseminate these treatment methods and have even more people learn them that way."

Feng Wu had never experienced the suffering due to lack of access to medical techniques and the inability of improving one's level.

Because she had the most skillful master in the entire continent.

It's unknown whether it's because her master had the foresight, but when Feng Wu was still quite small, everyday, her training was packed and exhausting. This included reciting medical treatment techniques.

At the time, the little Feng Wu was merely a mid-level pill refining master, yet master actually arranged for her to learn advanced medical methods, greatmaster medical methods, great scholar medical methods……she had to recite them all. Feng Wu's hardships couldn't be described in words.

But after she grew up, Feng Wu then became aware how good Master was to her……

Thinking of Master, Feng Wu couldn't help but clench her fists tightly!

She must increase her strength from a level five spirit master to the spirit ancestor realm as soon as possible. Only in this way could she get an answer from the Rainbow Phoenix on how to save Master……

And just at this time, Pill Master Jiang raised his head and saw Pill Master Ba Junior. At once, he called out in greeting. "Pill Master Ba, Pill Master Ba……"

Pill Master Ba saw Feng Wu and wanted to turn around and run right away!

Due to Madam Ning's matter, he still panicked out of shame up until now. He didn't know how he could face Madam Ning……

But Pill Master Jiang didn't know of this matter. He saw General Wu together with Pill Master Ba and quickly rushed forward as he excitedly pulled Pill Master Ba to stand before Feng Wu. He excitedly and emotionally said. "Pill Master Ba, hurry and look! This time, we've finally found a treasure! This Miss Feng's medical expertise is out of this world. Once she takes action, the mortality rate of three hundred injured townspeople became zero! Also, come look at our soldiers! Similarly, not a single one has died! Look at their arms and legs. In the past, it's inevitable that they'd become disabled, but now, after Miss Feng stitched them together. Once the wound heals, they will be completely and soundly healed!"

What face did Pill Master Ba have to face Feng Wu?

He only needed to think about how he pushed Feng Wu away in the beginning, even threatening Feng Wu against messing things up, and his whole face blushed red.

Just thinking about how Madam Ning almost died, how the two unborn children in her belly also would've died……fear and alarm burst forth in him.

As matters stand, how could Pill Master Ba Junior still look down on Feng Wu's medical expertise?

Pill Master Jiang didn't know of the previous interactions between Pill Master Ba Junior and Feng Wu at all. He purely wanted to give Feng Wu the credit she's due and hoped that she could receive her appropriate status and respect, etcetera.

General Wu looked at the ground filled with wounded people and pleasant surprise spread across his whole face. "Really? After their wounds heal, they truly will not be disabled?"

"That's right! After they've been stitched, their meridians also have been cleared, therefore, there's absolutely no problems!"

"That's just wonderful!" General Wu said to Feng Wu. "In the future, I, Wu Li Bi will make note of your service!"

Author's Note: PS: Ambush had been buried for quite a few chapters. Are all of you growing anxious? There's a premonition that Boss Jun won't be able to arrive at the battlefield today……
How will things unfold?

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