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Chapter 191: Gobsmacked!

"Pill Master Jiang?" Feng Wu called out again.

"Huh? Oh oh——" Jiang Yuan's senses returned to him as he gazed at Feng Wu. "Is it ok if I call you Miss Feng?"

Feng Wu faintly nodded, but raised her head right away. Her hand was still continuing to sew stitches quite steadily.

"Miss Feng, what is the rank of your pill refining ability?" There was a bit of a vague bewilderment in Jiang Yuan's heart. He already believed in the ability of this young lady before his eyes, yet still felt that she's really too young……

"Pill refining rank?" Feng Wu shook her head indifferently. "I've never been tested before, therefore I don't know what my rank is either."

However, maybe, roughly……should be Great Scholar Rank? In Feng Wu's mind, she already added a sentence.

Pill Master Jiang. "……"

"Then……" Jiang Yuan still asked. "This arm has already been broken. After it's been sutured together, can it really be used again?"

"If not, then what? Do you think that I just sit around with nothing to do so I stitch for fun?" Feng Wu casted a disgruntled look towards Jiang Yuan. "You finish what's left of the work."

Frankly speaking, when Feng Wu focused seriously, there's a king of awe-inspiring presence that made people have faith in her.

In any case, Jiang Yuan was second only to Pill Master Ba Junior as a pill refining master. Ordinarily, at Winding Peace City he's an existence that's beneath one person, but above tens of thousands. However, once Feng Wu glared at him, he had the urge to obey……

He's just about to take over when Feng Wu then started to give guidance. "When you're stitching, you need to pay attention and first seal the acupuncture points first. Wait until spirit qi penetrated the needle before entering the TianQuan point. After the energy channels have been unblocked, exit through the QuZe point……"

As Feng Wu spoke, Jiang Yuan performed accordingly until after he finished sewing five stitches before Jiang Yuan regained his wits. Didn't he come here because he wanted to investigate this mysterious pill master? How's he listening to her like a good little boy and helping her do her work? The hell, this wasn't his usual style at all.

It wasn't merely Jiang Yuan who thought this, the junior pill masters under his command also sneaked peeks at each other ——

Jiang Yuan thought to himself, since he already got involved, then let's just finish before saying anything else.

Feng Wu used one tenth of her mind to pay attention on Jiang Yuan. The other nine tenths of her concentration was still focused on the rest of the injured soldiers.

Some of these soldiers had broken hands, some had broken legs, there were also shattered thoracic cavities, ruptured abdominal cavities……even worse were the injuries from those flying demonic beasts high up in the air, broken heads with heavy bleeding.

Jiang Yuan finished stitching up the wounded patient with great difficulty and meticulously examined his work one time through. This examination immediately caused him to be gobsmacked!


The meridians unexpectedly had been cleared!

It ought to be known, who wouldn't be able to sew a broken arm like sewing clothes? However, in sewing the flesh, how would one deal with the energy channels? Therefore, this had always been a difficult problem that nothing could be done about, but now——

Jiang Yuan's eyes stared wide open as he looked at the scene before him in disbelief!

He still couldn't believe it. Practically half of his body was leaning over the injured soldier's body as he very gingerly held the soldier's arm. He meticulously and carefully examined once again……

"It's true, there's no mistake, it's truly been reattached properly……moreover, the energy channels are also flowing freely. If nothing unexpected occurred, once the wound healed, this arm will also be as good as before……my god!" Jiang Yuan used a very complicated gaze to look at Feng Wu.

With this look, Jiang Yuan became gobsmacked once more!

While he was stitching that patient's arm, this young and delicate Miss Feng, already lined up behind her were a row of critical care patients who'd finished treatment……

Facing Jiang Yuan's doubtful gaze, Pill Master Li silently nodded his head. "Team leader, while you've provided care for one person, this young lady already provided critical care to twenty patients……"

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