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Chapter 188: Leveled to the Ground

"So then——" Feng Xun grabbed at his head. "If we are to meet Feng Wu…..what're we going to do?"

On Jun Lin Yuan's silhouette hidden in depth, with deep and serene eyes, the corners of his mouth curved into a smile that's not a smile. "You're actually afraid of her?"

Feng Xun wasn't in a happy mood as he looked at Jun Lin Yuan with eyes wide. "But we indeed kidnapped her younger brother! Moreover, we even took advantage of the time she wasn't paying attention to sneakily leave. Right now, she must be wishing that she can choke me to death……"

As Feng Xun was speaking, he was also pulling back his neck.

Xuan Yi shot Feng Xun a glance. "You are the great Young Prince Feng, yet you're still afraid of her, a little girl?"

"You don't understand!" Feng Xun's clear eyes looked at Xuan Yi. "Can it be that you haven't discovered that when Feng Wu says nothing and uses that pair of contrasting black and white, clear eyes to focus on you silently, you don't feel that it's scary?"

Xuan Yi stroked his chin and glanced at Jun Lin Yuan then responded. "That's called an aura."

The same as Boss Jun, that gaze as sharp as the cold edge of a blade, kind makes people not come close, kill without debate, a feeling of fear and reverence.

Feng Xun quickly nodded. "Right right right. In short, being stared at by Feng Wu and I lose my confidence."

"We?" Jun Lin Yuan deeply hidden in depth eyes levelly shot a glance at Feng Xun.

Feng Xun scowled miserably. "I, I came up with the idea……sigh, once Feng Wu sees me, will she kill me, or not?"

Jun Lin Yuan's cold thin lips faintly arched as he muttered to himself. "Lifesaving favor……"

Once Feng Xun heard this, he immediately became bold and confident. "Right right right, that's right. If we save her, can she still say such words? Leave quickly leave quickly! We must save her in a bit without fail!"

"I'll go in advance." Jun Lin Yuan speed was extremely fast, like lightning. His presence disappeared before their eyes.

"Boss Jun treats us so well." Feng Xun gazed at the little black dot far away that's the only thing left of Jun Lin Yuan as he muttered emotionally.

Xuan Yi. "?"

Feng Xun was emotionally deeply moved as he sighed. "In order to have Feng Wu owe me a life, Boss Jun already left ahead of us to save her. If it wasn't because of me, how would Boss Jun take the initiative to go save people? Moreover, it's to save Feng Wu, this girl that he wasn't fond of at all, sigh, I owe Boss Jun quite a bit——"

On Xuan Yi's deeply bright eyes, there appeared a tinge of doubt. "……but……"

Feng Xun gazed at him puzzled.

Xuan Yi stroked his nose and smiled bitterly as he shook his head. He'd always felt that things are not the way that Feng Xun understood, but if it were to be said that Boss Jun cared about Feng Wu? Xuan Yi shook his head. It's absolutely impossible that Boss Jun could be fond of a crippled young lady.

Just when this group of people headed towards Winding Peace City, at this moment, the entire Winding Peace City had already sunk into the middle of an earth shattering demonic beast tide!

A batch of demonic beasts had been drawn away by Ning Chen Xi, however, a steady flow continued to emerge and came down from the mountain top. Therefore, at present, Winding Peace City continually suffered from the demonic beasts' attacks.

If it were merely the demonic beasts which circled all around the city gates on the ground, then it's still possible to resist for a period of time. However, even the flying demonic beasts had joined the fray!

Bang bang bang——

Among the flying demonic beasts, there were eagles, falcons, bats, birds……densely packed, too many to count, spread evenly over the skies of Winding Peace City and continually released their various attacks!

Pow pow pow!

Bang bang bang!

The very small Winding Peace City, under the glare of electric lights, was just like daytime!

General Wu's complexion was unusually ugly.

On account of Winding Peace City being a strategic city, not only were stationed troops numerous, there was even a defense formation. However, under the attacks of these flying demonic beasts, the defense formation also could no longer hold for much longer……when the moment comes, the entire Winding Peace City will be leveled to the ground!

What's to be done?

The faces of everyone at the scene revealed a deeply worried expression!

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