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Chapter 189: Have That Person Driven Out of Here!

Everyone's faces revealed a deeply worried expression!

Because if Winding Peace City were to fall, it'd be difficult for everyone present to escape death!

Because of the earthquake throughout Winding Peace City, more than half of homes had collapsed. Luckily, the majority of villagers were able to escape. Only a small number were buried underground.

The residents of Winding Peace City were generally used to seeing this kind of disposition of troops, therefore, they were divided into a team of young and vigorous residents who provided assistance to the city gates. Another team comprised of middle aged people excavated wounded people who had been buried in the ground. Yet another team were women and children who helped take care of injured people.

All of the injured people were concentrated inside a large makeshift military tent.

Jiang Yuan was a well-known midlevel pill refining master. A famous military doctor who'd always been stationed at Winding Peace City. A group of junior pill refining masters were under his command. At the moment, as he was busily saving people, he saw an unending number of wounded people being carried away. The color of sorrow appeared in his eyes.

"There are still countless numbers of wounded people outside at the city walls. Currently, the residents also sustained injuries. How can this be handled, sigh, how can we have enough manpower to handle this……" Jiang Yuan scowled miserably, anxiously running in circles.

"Pill Master Jiang……how about we focus more of our attention on treating the soldiers?" One of Jiang Yuan's underlings, a junior pill master with the last name Li spoke next to his ear in a low voice. "There are different levels of importance to a matter. If the guard gates can be defended, then everyone will be fine. If the guard gates can't be defended……then everyone will die together. Even if these townspeople were to be brought back to life, won't they still end up dying anyway? Therefore, how about we go……"

"There's Pill Master Ba Junior at the guard gates. He'll save the wounded for sure. Since he already sent us over here, our most most important task is precisely to bring the town residents back to life. What's more, these townspeople have lived at Winding Peace City for many generations and protected this territory. They are the true unsung heroes!"

Pill Master Li lowered his voice. "Pill Master Ba Junior has just charged towards the guards gates spitting in anger. I don't know what's happened……"

Jiang Yuan wasn't in a good mood as he spoke. "If you have time for this rubbish, then quickly go save people!"

Winding Peace City's residents truly have been trained well. That division formed by middle aged people were reserved and silent from beginning to end. Even though the people who were buried underground and were critically hurt were their close relatives, they also didn't speak unnecessary words. With reddened eyes, they carried people towards the military tent.

"Eh?——" Pill Master Li saw that these injured townspeople who were carried over in stretchers seemed to have received emergency care, but he discovered that while they laid on stretchers, slips of paper were stuck on the center of their stomachs.

Pill Master Li picked up the slips of paper and read aloud softly. "Internal hemorrhage at the skull, bleeding already staunched by acupuncture. Spleen ruptured, already repaired, sutured instantly. Energy channels damaged at the ankle, bones fractured and crushed, already handled. Immediately apply restoration cream……"

As Pill Master Li read, he laughed out loud. "Who's making this kind of joke? Randomly stopping bleeding in the skull? The spleen was ruptured, yet could just be repaired without opening the thoracic cavity? Even the ankle, this kind of condition required a cast! Simply ridiculously random jokes, what nonsense! Making a mess of normal treatment practices!"

"Zhao Qian!" Pill Master Li immediately spoke to criticize that middle-aged excavation squadron leader. "Who the hell is this? Aren't they just messing around? ! Have that person driven out of here without delay!"

"Is this considered messing around?" Zhao Qian's face revealed an awkward expression.

He personally saw that person, an incredibly beautiful girl, moved like a dragon and phoenix with a golden needle in hand. On a stretcher, Zhao Wu's originally heavy bleeding was immediately stopped……not only Zhao Wu, there was also Zhao Liu, Zhao Qi, Zhao Ba*……

(*These people are probably all from the same family. Chinese people states their last name first.)

"They're naturally fooling around! We're all already so busy, yet this person is unexpectedly stirring up trouble!" Pill Master Li rebuked in a loud voice!

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