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Chapter 187: Heavens!

Feng Xun was somewhat puzzled as he glanced at Jun Lin Yuan.

Their Boss Jun had always been aloof and unconcerned about others' matters, yet now, he had the mind to tease Ning Chen Xi?

However, Feng Xun also didn't dwell on it. At the moment, his whole mind was focused on Ning Chen Xi. "Ning Chen Xi, is there something wrong with your brain? You're not marrying anyone in this lifetime besides Feng Liu? Do you know what kind of a person she is, and you already decided to not marry anyone aside from her?" Feng Xun furrowed his eyebrows and was dumbfounded. "Feng Liu, this girl, is completely bad. She's snobbish, unkind, arrogant and willful, fierce and scathing……"

Ning Chen Xi's expression was originally somewhat bashful. Having heard what was said, he instantly jumped up and angrily glared at Feng Xun. "Older Cousin! How can you speak maliciously of someone behind their back? I dare to guarantee that Feng Liu is absolutely not the kind of person you claim her to be! I've seen her with my own eyes. She's the best!"

Feng Xun was nearly infuriated to death by Chen Xi as he extended his hand and poked Ning Chen Xi's head. "Have your eyes gone bad, you even saw it with your own eyes? Feng Liu is the Feng family's sixth daughter. In the past, she used to be Feng Wu's little attendant. However, after Feng Wu became a cripple, she not only threw stones at a person who's down, she even wanted to kill Feng Wu. This kind of maliciously minded female, and you surprisingly say that she's the best? Is your brain diseased? !"

"Older Cousin!" Ning Chen Xi's pair of eyes were naked red, as he earnestly and gravely stated. "You're my elder cousin, so I respect you, but if you continue to dare speak ill of Feng Liu, then our brotherhood will be no more!"

"You——" Feng Xun was unbearably angered and wished that he could slap to death this lame-eyed younger cousin of his. "You're simply insane!"

"I'm not insane! She's the best! The best there is! I won't allow any of you guys to say that she's not good! I must marry her, don't any of you guys hinder me! Elder Cousin, even if you don't give us your blessings, still, please respect our decision!" Ning Chen Xi was so angry his whole face was trembling.

Feng Xun was in a towering rage!

Nevertheless, Jun Lin Yuan shot Feng Xun a cold glance. "You're overly concerned."

Feng Xun was naturally holding his breath in. If even Jun Lin Yuan said it this way, he was just about going to faint.

Feng Xun glared at Ning Chen Xi. "Fine, fine fine, I'm meddling in other people's business. You want to marry Feng Liu, right? Then you just marry her, go marry her, die of regret!"

Ning Chen Xi fumingly glared at Feng Xun. "We're going to be very happy!"

Feng Xun waved his handl. "Didn't you want to go to Quiet Peaceful City to seek rescue soldiers? Leave quickly leave quickly——"

"But Elder Cousin, with you here, is it still necessary to call for what rescue soldiers?"

"'Your daddy' don't want to see you anymore at the moment, get lost!" Feng Xun kicked Ning Chen Xi's butt.

Ning Chen Xi quickly jumped on his horse's back and disappeared like a wisp of smoke. As he ran away, he turned his head around. "Elder Cousin, you guys go to Winding Peace City first and save people. Mother and Feng Liu are both there. You guys really must help this younger brother protect them well——"

"Feng Liu again? Disgusts me to death!" Watching Ning Chen Xi dash away at lightning speed, Feng Xun only felt a big headache come on. He turned his head towards his brothers. "You guys tell me, is his brain diseased, or what? !"

Jun Lin Yuan shot Feng Xun a glance and didn't say anything as he pulled at the reins. A snow white, big and tall horse took the lead to charge forward——

Thinking of the situation at Winding Peace City, Feng Xun also had no time to continue thinking about it. He pulled on the reins at once and followed Jun Lin Yuan closely.

Suddenly, his heart stopped abruptly. "My god!"

Xuan Yi turned to Feng Xun in confusion. "Why are you so flustered?"

"Since Feng Liu is at Winding Peace City, then how about Feng Wu? We schemed to kidnap her younger brother into the capital. Feng Wu would no doubt follow after and enter the capital accordingly. Moreover, it's very likely that she and Feng Liu are journeying together!"

"So then?" Jun Lin Yuan asked in a calm and composed manner.

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