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Chapter 186: I Won't Marry Anyone In This Lifetime Except For Her!

"Ning Chen Xi!" Feng Xun winked as he arrived. "How did you provoke such a large wave of demonic beasts? You want to die?"

Ning Chen Xi looked up and right and saw a group of familiar figures dash towards him!

"Ah ah ah ah ah! ! ! ! !" Ning Chen Xi was so excited he nearly wept. "Older cousin! Cousin Feng! Save me ah ah ah ah——"

It's true, 'the mountains doesn't block a person's path!' (as long as a person perseveres there'll be a way)

Ning Chen Xi was wondering whether Feng Xun's group still remained at Quiet Peaceful City, yet didn't expect that they'd already meet half way there.

Since Feng Xun had arrived, how could Xuan Yi not come and help?

Jun Lin Yuan observed that the battle below could not be prolonged. His heart faintly was slightly disturbed. He didn't know where the uneasiness came from……

At once, his pair of hands joined into what seemed to be a hand seal. In the next moment——

Rumble rumble!

Lightning flashed and thunder rolled in the sky. Countless numbers of lightning exploded downward from the sky like a surging tide and struck at those demonic beasts!

The demonic beast tide that was still rampant just now, that considered itself to be unrivaled in the world having victory in its grasp, instantly was reduced by a third!

The demonic beasts all became stunned as they subconsciously raised their heads and turned towards that black gowned young man like a god on top of the hill.

"Ten Thousand Thunders!"

Jun Lin Yuan again produced another burst!

Rumble rumble!

Countless numbers of lightnings violently flashed, silver snakes danced in the air!

The reflection of the lightning flashed by all of the demonic beasts' eyes. How could they still dare to stay in their original places? With a cry, they all turned around and ran away!

In an instant, besides the dead demonic beasts on the ground which looked like a large wave of scorched charcoal, entirely all of those demonic beasts that could run escaped.

Ning Chen Xi looked stupidly at the scene before him.

He was surrounded by these dangerous beasts as they chased after him, and he made such a narrow escape. In the end, Crown Prince Jun merely raised his hand and within two moves, already put them cleanly and neatly in order……

They were all clearly people of the same generation!

Could the disparity between one person to another be any bigger that it was?

Feng Xun saw Chen Xi staring stupidly and slapped his shoulder at once. "Silly guy, still distracted? Still not quickly call out to him?"

"Boss Jun!" Ning Chen Xi pair of worshipful and admiring eyes gazed at Jun Lin Yuan attentively. There were stars flickering within his pupils, stirred up and excited!

Jun Lin Yuan waved his hand. "What happened?"

Ning Chen Xi saw Jun Lin Yuan talk to him and couldn't hold back his excitement. The more excited he became, the faster he spoke. Within two minutes of time, he narrated the entire course of events all the way through.

"The young girl who saved your mother's life……"

"Her name is Feng Liu!" Ning Chen Xi was endlessly excited. "My elder brothers! This younger brother has finally found the girl I love!"

Thinking to this point, Ning Chen Xi suddenly became guarded as he turned towards Crown Prince Jun's group. "Feng Liu is mine. My brothers, please don't fight over her with me!"

Feng Xun picked his ears and used a kind of very strange voice to ask Ning Chen Xi. "Just now, you said……her name is what?"

"I've asked clearly, her name is Feng Liu. The imperial capital's Feng family's sixth daughter!" Ning Chen Xi was endlessly excited. "Her is divinely beautiful, gentle and kindhearted, beautiful and dignified, cool-headed and wise……I've never seen any young lady who can compare to her!"

"Feng Liu……" Feng Xun raised his head and used a very strange gaze to look at Xuan Yi, then looked at Jun Lin Yuan. Finally, he was still unresigned as he focused at Ning Chen Xi and asked. "You're sure that the young lady you spoke of is named Feng Liu?"

"That's right! Miss Feng Liu, the sixth lady!" On Ning Chen Xi's fair facial features was excitement and agitation. He made a fist and replied. "Wait until we settle down properly at home. I'll then ask mother to help me visit the Feng family and propose marriage."

"Propose marriage? !" Feng Xun's eyes almost convulsed.

"Mm!" Ning Chen Xi made a fist excitedly. "Feng Liu is simply the love of my dreams. I won't marry anyone in this lifetime except for her!"

Jun Lin Yuan. "The words of a nobleman——"

"Can't be caught by four horses! ! !" (is unchangeable; set in stone)

Author's note: PS: The pitiful young Ning has been deceived and not lightly……

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