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Chapter 185: Her Name Is Feng Liu

"Huh?" Ning Chen Xi knitted his brows.

"Her name is Feng Liu." The most challenging words having already left her mouth, Feng Liu spoke even more smoothly and easily the second time around.

"The sixth daughter of the capital's Feng family, Feng Liu."

"Many thanks." Ning Chen Xi cupped his fists towards Feng Liu and turned around to leave in big strides.

Feng Liu……Feng Liu……such a pleasant sounding name. Once she's no longer tired in the future, he'll have mother go and propose marriage to the Feng family.

The corners of Ning Chen Xi's mouth happily smiled.

Seeing that Ning Chen Xi had left, Feng Yi Ran's complexion instantly became very unsightly!

"Feng Liu!" Feng Yi Ran rigidly glared at Feng Liu. "Who do you think such a clumsy lie will fool? How long can you deceive him? !"

"Hey, I'll deceive him however long I can. In any case, if the Ning family wants to thank Feng Wu in the future, they'll need to find me. I'll just reject this profit and it'll be fine. Anyways, I won't take advantage of Feng Wu!" Feng Liu responded in objection.

Feng Yi Ran unexpectedly couldn't refute her……

From beginning until end, Feng Wu threw herself into saving people. She didn't know at all that the credit for her painstaking work had been intercepted by Feng Liu……

Ning Chen Xi stood on top of the city wall and raised his head to drink the repellent chemical. In the next second, his figure charged like electricity into the thickly dotted herd of beasts!

There was only a split second when the demonic beasts completely forgot to attack him!

But this split second, as far as Ning Chen Xi was concerned, was already sufficient!

Ning Chen Xi burst out with the fastest speed that his body was capable of. He actually charged into the demonic beast tide at a moment when they were extremely surprised!

Once the demonic beasts reacted, they were like a surging tide as they frantically pursued him, and Ning Chen Xi was fleeing ahead at high-speed on his horse!
Throughout the journey, the ancient trees on both sides of the road continually flashed by him while the distance between Ning Chen Xi and the demonic beasts became shorter and shorter!

It looked as if he'd be overtaken soon——

Just at this extremely dangerous moment——

"Eh? Boss Jun, you've really guessed correctly. There's a demonic beast tide here, sigh——"

If Feng Wu was here, she'd definitely be able to guess the identity of this person at once.

Feng Xun, the Feng family's young prince!

Up on a very high hill, Feng Xun, Xuan Yi, and also Jun Lin Yuan were each riding their own big horse as they watched on the road under the hill, the image of a person fleeing at high speed. Behind him were the numerous and densely packed demonic beast tide chasing frantically.

Feng Xun smiled as he said. "Who has such bad luck, sigh, to be chased by such a big wave of demonic beasts? If my projection's not wrong, then in one minute, this pitiful youngster will be surrounded by the demonic beast tide……"

Jun Lin Yuan used a tranquil and calm kind of gaze to glance at Feng Xun. "Go save him."

Feng Xun stroked his nose. "Boss Jun, so many demonic beasts. I'm no match for them. The risk of saving this person is really too big, sigh, it's very possible that I'll suffer if I go in there….."

"You'll regret it." Jun Lin Yuan replied coldly.

"Regret? Why would I be regretful? Eh? Why does this youngster seem more familiar the closer he gets?" Feng Xun extended his neck.

Xuan Yi's brows creased slightly. "I also feel that he seems to look familiar……"

"Dang, shoot!"

Now that they're closer Feng Xun suddenly yelled out. The guy didn't merely look familiar, damn, he clearly was the younger cousin that had met with them not long ago! No wonder Boss Jun told him to go save the youngster, otherwise, he'd regret it!

"Chen Xi! Ning Chen Xi!" Feng Xun and company rode their horses from the very high hill and directly descended upon the surging tide!

Ning Chen Xi's heart was totally anxious at present. No matter who it was, to have a big wave of demonic beasts bite at their butt without letting go as they chased, moreover, the further they chased, the closer they got, and it'd be impossible for his heart to be tranquil.

Hearing this familiar voice, Ning Chen Xi seemed as if he'd heard the sound of a heavenly flute.

It's because he's in such despair, so his ears were imagining things, right?

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