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Chapter 180: She's Dead……

"You dare to curse my aunt——" Yan Yan turned her head and glared at Ning Chen Xi. "Cousin, did you hear that. She went as far as to curse aunty! This kind of girl, are you still going to speak on her behalf?"

Ning Chen Xi was so anxious that the hair on his head was turning white. He impatiently glared at Yan Yan. "Shut up!"

At this moment Pill Master Ba Junior was already quickly providing treatment to Madam Ning, and during the time inside the carriage, Madam Ning already became unconscious.

"Madam Ning's not going to make it." Pill Master Ba Junior's expression was grave as he shook his head. "Five broken ribs. Moreover, it already penetrated her heart. The unborn child in her belly received a critical blow. The lower part of her body is bleeding profusely……so serious, I……"

His expression was very unsightly. Should he first treat the ribs and heart, or should he take out the unborn child, or treat the heavy bleeding……the situations were simply impossible to salvage.

He had just opened Madam Ning's thoracic cavity, but was shocked to find——

"Breathing……not breathing anymore……"

"Pulse, there's also no longer a pulse……"

Within this short minute, Madam Ning's complexion already became pale, within the paleness, there was also a tinge of the color of death. Her entire body looked to be dead……

"This is bad……she already didn't make it……she's dead……"

Pill Master Ba Junior's hands were full of blood. His face showed an expression of devastation as he apologetically turned towards Ning Chen Xi. "……I'm very sorry, Madam Ning's wounds were really too severe. You guys should prepare for her funeral……"

Madam Yan was so alarmed that she fell down stunned!

Yan Yan also stared with eyes wide open!

Ning Chen Xi opened his eyes wide in disbelief. How's that possible……how's that possible……they were simply unable to believe that within a few short minutes, how could……

Ning Chen Xi didn't believe it as he charged over and felt Madam Ning's breath…..there's none! Her pulse……was also gone. He grabbed Pill Master Ba Junior's collar. "How can she die? ! How can she have died? ! How can you not save her! She clearly could be saved!"

Madam Yan's tears rolled down in large drops. She was indeed her blood related sister! How could she die? How could…..

She stared rigidly at Pill Master Ba Junior. "You're spouting nonsense! How could she just die! She was clearly still alive and well a minute ago! She even said she can be saved. Why do you say that she can't be treated!"

Madam Yan pointed at Feng Wu. "The symptoms she spoke of were exactly the same as yours, but she said they can be treated!"

He glared at Feng Wu with a face full of fury. "You said it?"

Feng Wu nodded unenthusiastically. "I said it."

"Are you insane? !" He rigidly glared at Feng Wu. "Five broken ribs, pierced into the heart. This is already enough to cause death. Added to that heavy bleeding, how can she be saved? !"

Feng Wu sneered. "I can save her."

"Nonsense! Even if my grandfather was here, he still couldn't save her life! Let alone a silly little girl like you!" Pill Master Ba Junior was almost going insane because of Feng Wu. He glared at Madam Yan and Ning Chen Xi. "You guys just believed a little girl's words like that? Is she the Pill Master or I am ? ! This is simply a matter where it's humanly impossible to go against the heavens. It's not because my medical expertise is lacking!"

"Your grandfather isn't like you. He's not someone who will declare his surrender before giving all of his efforts. Moreover, he won't quibble about the results. Old Man Ba has always felt apologetic towards you in vain. In reality, you simply don't have the qualifications to the Grandfather Ba's grandson!" Feng Wu icily and coldly glared at Pill Master Ba Junior.

Ba Jian Ming fiercely glared at Feng Wu as his complexion turned thoroughly red. His pair of eyes nearly caught on fire.

"Who are you? !"

Feng Wu sneered. "It's not important who I am. What's important is that I can bring Madam Ning back to life, while you allow her to die."

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