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Chapter 179: Truly Has Eight Hundred Lifetimes Worth of Bad Luck!

"Hurry hurry hurry! Open the gate!" A military officer defending Winding Peace City commanded. "Everybody else keep their place and prepare to shoot at the demonic beasts!"

Because Feng Wu's horse carriage carried a lot of people, its speed was somewhat slow.

The Feng Liu duo rode a horse, so their speed was naturally much quicker.

Seeing that the gate had been opened, Feng Liu's eyes constricted and at once, she swung her whip. A horse's body then diverted over and crowded forcefully in front of Feng Wu's carriage.

Feng Wu laughed contemptuously as the whip in Feng Wu's hand struck at Feng Liu without the slightest hesitation!

"Aahh!" Feng Liu cried out in pain! She turned around and glared at Feng Wu!

Feng Wu boldly and confidently responded. "Madam Ning is heavily injured and needs critical care. What's the rush for you? ! Do you still want to enter or not? !"

Madam Ning? Feng Liu's heart was alarmed.

Just at this time, Madam Yan lifted open the carriage's curtain. That pair of strict, falcon like eyes fixed at Feng Liu!

Feng Liu only felt a fit of violent contractions in her heart!

She didn't expect that Madam Ning and the rest were truly inside Feng Wu's carriage……

The corners of Feng Wu's mouth curved into a sneer. Immediately, she flung her whip and the carriage smoothly entered Winding Peace City!

Feng Liu and Feng Yi Ran also charged inside.

At that last minute, just as the gate was about to close, panting for breath, Yan Yan also finally followed inside. The demonic beasts behind her were almost able to catch her back!

The guard by the gate reached his hand out and pulled Yan Yan inside as the lance in his hand aimed at that demonic beast!

The guard's lance pierced into the demonic beast, with a bang, very quickly, the guard gate was safety closed!

The entire course of events were quite thrilling……Yan Yan laid on the ground as she inwardly cursed Feng Wu inside and out.

Ning Chen Xi's entire body was drenched with Madam Ning's blood as he shouted at General Wu. "General Wu, hurry! Quickly find someone to save my mother. Hurry and save my mother!"

General Wu naturally recognized Ning Chen Xi. His heart bathumped the moment he heard this. "Madam Ning has been injured?"

Ning Chen Xi's hair was about to turn white as he nodded anxiously.

"Pill Master Ba Junior! Pill Master Ba Junior!" General Wu rushed to a place not far away. Very quickly, he dragged over a young Pill Master in his hand. "Hurry hurry hurry, this is Pill Master Ba Junior, he's actually Old Man Ba's own grandson. His pill refining techniques are handed-down directly from Old Man Ba and he can save Madam Ning for sure!"

A person's name sets up an image. Mention Pill Master Ba and there's nobody who hadn't heard of him in the entire Martial Lord Empire. Once he heard that Xiao Ba, the alchemist was here, Ning Chen Xi's heart relaxed a little.

Feng Wu originally was going to save Madam Ning. However, everyone's attention was on Old Man Ba.

Qiu Ling turned to her mistress……clearly, even Old Man Ba asked her mistress for guidance, yet these people unexpectedly all paid attention to this Master Xiao Ba and ignored her mistress. Were they all blind?

Pill Master Ba Junior rushed forward and saw that Feng Wu was going to start treatment. He bellowed at once. "Who are you? ! Hurry and stop! Is Madam Ning someone who you can casually touch? !"

Feng Wu. "……"

Qiu Ling's entire face was full of indignation. This Pill Master Ba Junior's attitude was also too poor, right? !

Madam Yan and Yan Yan had been looking at Feng Wu with discontent. Seeing him reprimand Feng Wu, they simultaneously pushed Feng Wu away to the side. "Matters were pressing on the way here. Now that Pill Master Ba Junior is here, how is there a need for you to give orders or make decisions? Hurry and leave!"

Yan Yan even reproached Feng Wu loudly. "If my younger aunt gets hurt by your management, I want your whole family to pay with their lives!"

Feng Wu also had a temper. Moreover, her temper also wasn't particularly good…

Having heard what was said, she laughed coldly. "Very good. You guys have succeeded in pushing Madam Ning towards her death. Having relatives like you guys, Madam Ning truly has eight hundred lifetimes worth of bad luck!"

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