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Chapter 181: Isn't This Resurrecting the Dead?

By the side, General Wu's soul was already spooked enough to jump out of his body!

Madam Ning was already dead? ! She's actually Peaceful Remote Province's lord inspector's wife. She died at Winding Peace City that he's defending, how could he live through this?

Even if he could keep his life, his entire life's military achievements would be finished here……

Pill Master Ba Junior was still clashing against Feng Wu as he sneered. "You're able to manage it? Who are you that you can do it? Madam Ning is already dead!"

"Even if she died, I can still drag her back from the hands of death." Feng Wu calmly said.

"You're simply……insane! If you can cure her, in the future I'll be your pill boy. I'll listen to everything that you say!"

Feng Wu sneered. "This is coming from your own mouth."

After saying this, Feng Wu then walked to Madam Ning's side and furrowed her brows as she examined her.

Ning Chen Xi was like a drowning person clutching at his last hope as he stiffly focused on Feng Wu. "How is it? My mother, she……how is she?"

Ning Chen Xi was extremely vexed. If he had known earlier, he should've let her try, and if they hadn't asked Pill Master Ba Junior……right now, he's just about to go crazy!

"If I wasn't held up by that pill refining master for a time, I'd have an eighty percent chance. However, right now, there's only a fifty percent chance left. Should I attempt the treatment or not?" Feng Wu very seriously looked at Ning Chen Xi. "If we don't do anything, in another three minutes, Madam Ning will have died completely. But if you request treatment, then none of you can intervene throughout the entire treatment process. Answer me now, to treat her or not to treat her?"

"Treat her!" Ning Chen Xi didn't wait for anyone else to answer and replied at once. "Treat her treat her treat her! Mother had the most confidence in you. If she was still conscious, she'll also certainly ask for your treatment!"

Madam Yan's lips trembled, but didn't speak in the end.

Pill Master Ba Junior already asked them to make funeral arrangements. If they gave medicine to a dead horse (tried everything in this desperate situation), maybe there'll be a glimmer of hope.

"Save the adult or save the child?" Feng Wu asked again.

Hearing this question, Ning Chen Xi was actually glad, because this meant that she had confidence!

Ning Chen Xi looked at Feng Wu's complexion and quickly made a choice. "If possible, please protect mother's life as much as possible."

Due to the unending aftershocks from the earthquakes, the location chosen to provide critical care was outside in the lawn. A simple tent was made out of bamboo to surround them.

Feng Wu's gaze swept over Madam Yan and Yan Yan's face and was about to speak when Madam Yan already gripped Madam Ning's hand. "I'm not leaving! I'm absolutely not leaving!"

If they continued to delay, then Madam Ning will truly thoroughly die……Feng Wu indifferently shot a glance at her. "It's not impossible for you to stay, but I ask that you make no noise whatsoever."

Madam Yan quickly nodded.

Did Madam Yan have confidence in Feng Wu? Frankly speaking, Madam Yan had no confidence in her whatsoever…..right now, her entire mind was blank and her body was like a block of wood.

Feng Wu didn't continue to tarry as she took the first aid kit from Qiu Ling's hand and took out a white medicinal powder. She commanded Qiu Ling. "This is medicine to staunch the bleeding. Apply half externally, and half internally."

"Yes." During these few years, Qiu Ling had already been trained by Feng Wu to be an assistant. Therefore, she very quickly understood Feng Wu's intent.

"Aunt already stopped breathing. How can she still take medicine? !" Yan Yan glared at Feng Wu! Was this girl stupid? Could she truly provide treatment?

Feng Wu was so busy that she couldn't even spare a glance at Yan Yan. When Qiu Ling brought the water over, her fingers, which were placed at Madam Ning's heart, ferociously slapped.

"You're surprisingly abusing aunty's corpse!" Yan Yan was so angry she screamed loudly!

"Cough cough——"

Just when Yan Yan prepared to charge forward, she heard Madam Ning, who had already been declared dead, produce a coughing sound at the moment. In addition, she even coughed out a mouthful of blood.

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