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Chapter 18

Chapter 18: You Don't Need to Treat Me So Well……

Feng Xun almost jumped up. "Boss Jun! You mean it? ! You're letting me bring her along? ! Is this true? Oh my god! ! !"

"It's best you don't bring her." Jun Lin Yuan suggested extremely seriously.

Xuan Yi, who's always been labeled as being aloof, at this moment, was staring with eyes wide open!

This couldn't be right!

How could Boss Jun have agreed? This wasn't his usual way of handling things! He subconsciously glanced at Jun Lin Yuan.

"That won't do! The young girl is someone I'm protecting!" Feng Xun complacently answered. "I'm Third Young Feng, she's Little Fifth Feng, if I don't take care of her, who's going to take care of her?"

Jun Lin Yuan didn't pay anymore attention to the joyfully satisfied Feng Xun, as his gaze turned to Xuan Yi.

Without any unnecessary words, Xuan Yi immediately thoroughly understood. "We've already looked into it carefully, the Immortal Spirit Fruit grew in Mysterious Iceberg Valley. It's just that we

need to look further to find the exact location."

Feng Wu's heartbeat speeded up instantly!

Mysterious Iceberg Valley……that's correct! The Immortal Spirit Fruit was precisely located in that area!

Immortal Spirit Fruit, her Immortal Spirit Fruit! As long as she could obtain the Immortal Spirit Fruit, she would be able to cultivate again. She would no longer be a crippled Feng Wu!

On this continent where martial ability was regarded with respect, strength represented everything! Thinking to this point, Feng Wu clenched her fists firmly.

Jun Lin Yuan nodded indifferently, and immediately led his companions to start on their journey.

In order to reach Mysterious Iceberg Valley, they needed to go through Flaming Mountain Ridge. Everyone's speed was very quick on this journey.

Streams, forests, mountain peaks……were unable to hinder their fast, forward moving footsteps.

Along the journey, Feng Xun looked after Feng Wu from time to time. "Young girl, are you really doing ok?"

In terms of their team, only Feng Wu didn't possess spirit force and could only count on her physical stamina to support her.

Feng Wu stared at Jun Lin Yuan and Xuan Yi's cold and

and aloof backs as she squeezed out a sweet smiling expression on her face. "There's naturally no problem, what kind of problem can there be? My body's quite strong."

Feng Xun saw that her complexion was pale, but because she's afraid of being abandoned, she pretended to be strong and optimistic. He couldn't help but feel sorry for her. "How about letting me carry you on my back?"

Feng Wu hadn't replied when at the front, Xuan Yi suddenly turned around. "If you're unable to persevere, then quickly get out of here and avoid implicating the entire group."

Xuan Yi fixed his gaze on Feng Wu, his voice cold and detached. "Especially as we move forward, there'll be stronger demonic beasts. At that time, even if you wanted to run, you wouldn't be able to run!"

Feng Xun glared at Xuan Yi. "I say, Young Second Xuan, even if this is a fact, can't you speak more tactfully?"

Feng Wu. "……"

Xuan Yi harrumphed coldly, and, without consulting anyone, moved to the front to walk alongside Jun Lin Yuan.

Feng Xun saw Feng Wu's head hanging low and thought that she

that she felt hurt, so he rubbed her little head. "Young girl, don't worry, Young Second Xuan is like this. Just don't pay any heed to him. Isn't there still me? Come, let older brother carry you."

Feng Xun saw how Feng Wu had been unlucky all along so he sympathized and felt sorry for her. He couldn't help taking care of her a bit more.

Yet Feng Wu didn't mind.

An indifferent attitude, the malicious tongue, what did they matter?

As long as she could obtain the Immortal Spirit Fruit, as long as she could cultivate again, these things didn't count as much.

Thinking up to this point, Feng Wu then rather guiltily glanced at Feng Xun.

Feng Xun treated her well sincerely, yet she was taking advantage of his kindness to get close to their team……she only hoped that in hoped that in the future, she wouldn't cause any harm to this utterly sincere, optimistic, sunshiny young man.

Thinking up to this point, Feng Wu smiled bitterly as she shook her head. "You don't need to treat me so well……"

"Silly girl, if I don't treat you well, don't tell me I should treat Young Second Xuan well? Speaking of which, you truly have no luck." Feng Xun rubbed Feng Wu's head for a bit.

This group didn't rest along the way for Feng Wu's sake at all. They continuously marched until the moon appeared the sky, before they stopped to camp.

When they'd set up camp, Feng Wu only felt that it's unusually bright up front.

She saw ———

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