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Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Strong Little Girl

Feng Wu watched the scene before her, suddenly, it became bright in front of her.

The sky was dark blue, birds flew by in flocks.

The terrain was level before her, an inviting green grass meadow, the lawn seemed soft and cozy, like a patch of expansive, boundless green carpet. A small brook flowed gently and sluggishly passing through the meadow.

On the light green colored turf, a fine and soft simple wool rug was spread out, noble and refined, with even a nomadic flavour.

On top of the thick wool carpet, a classic wood dining table was arranged, simple yet elegant, however, looking at the wood, one could tell that it's extremely valuable.

On top of the dining table, delicate placemats and tableware were arranged.

White jade chinaware, amber colored goblets, also silverware, the metals were so polished they shined, clean and brilliant, with one look one could tell that these regularly used tableware were maintained extremely meticulously.

In the middle of the meadow was an old tree so wide

three people together couldn't wrap their arms around it. The ancient tree stood perfectly straight upward, thick and solid, with branches extending over the overhanging cliff.

Yet these branches extending over the cliff were the very ones which supported a small cabin. Looking from the distance, it was shrouded in mist, a vague immortal aura, seemed as if it floated in the air, giving people a kind of simple and unadorned, yet elegant and also mysterious feeling.

Feng Wu's heart was instantly taken back!

How was this a countryside lodge? It clearly was a scenic spot in an old forest deep in the mountains to spend one's vacation.

To think that she passed by Icebound Forest everyday, yet on which occasion was she not in mortal danger, cutting a sorry figure, battered about, fleeing from the east to the west side?

Then seeing how the days passed for somebody else. How meticulous. How respected.

Right at this time, a mild colored silhouette emerged from behind the ancient tree.

Feng Wu's gaze paused. It's the man who previously followed by Jun Lin Yuan's side, yet disappeared half way through, Butler Feng*?


(*TN: The Butler Feng's (封) last name means 'grant', which is written differently than Feng (风) Xun and Feng (凤) Wu's last name, which means 'wind' and 'phoenix', respectively. All three 'Feng's are pronounced exactly the same way in Chinese.)

Feng Xun was used to being cheerful and enthusiastic. He raised his hand to greet the butler. "Butler Feng, this journey has been so tiring. Fortunately, you've set out in advance to make arrangements, otherwise, we'll be eating air and sleeping outdoors."

Butler Feng was graceful and noble as he nodded to Feng Xun, while a white hot towel was handed to Jun Lin Yuan.

Right at this time, Feng Xun undoubtedly saw the way Feng Wu walked with a limp. His eyebrows creased at once as he patted the chair next to him. "Hurry and sit down."

Feng Wu shook her

shook her head in refusal.

However, at the next second, Feng Xun already pressed her into the chair.

Feng Xun half kneeled by Feng Wu's feet, raised his hand and was going to take off Feng Wu's black calf leather boots. "I've seen the way you limped, you must be injured. Take off your boots, and I'll look at the wound for you."

However, as his hand moved, Feng Wu screamed 'ouch' at once, tears almost gushed out! So painful!

So severe? ! Feng Xun hurriedly stayed his hand as his eyebrows furrowed and reproachfully glared at Feng Wu. "Why didn't you say that you've been injured? Why insist on enduring on your own? How painful this must be!"

It was clear that this was caused by blood from the soles of her feet which moistened the bottom of her boots. After the blood dried, her foot stuck to her boot and could no longer be separated.

Feng Wu shot a glance at Jun Lin Yuan.

For the sake of the Immortal Spirit Fruit, right now, she's doing all she can to stay close to this team. She certainly didn't want to lag want to lag behind due to not having sufficient physical strength.

At present, Jun Lin Yuan was also facing Feng Wu. Two people and four eyes faced her.

Feng Wu felt somewhat anxious, yet Jun Lin Yuan seemed as if he didn't see her, as his gaze moved from her face and played across the sky and landscape without a trace.

Feng Wu's heart shivered, he shouldn't unhappily want to kick her out, right?

Thereupon, Feng Wu hurriedly restrained Feng Xun's hand. "I'm fine. I'm fine, really, don't worry about me."

How could Feng Xun not care about Feng Wu? How unlucky was this girl? From the moment he saw her until now, he hadn't seen the tiniest bit of good luck come to her. She's already so wounded, yet still told others not to care about her, how strong did she need to be?

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