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Chapter 17

Chapter 17: You're Not Dead?

Feng Xun considered Feng Wu to be one of his own people, but Xuan Yi certainly did not. On the contrary, he clearly treated Feng Wu as someone to eliminate.

Feng Wu already could no longer stand Xuan Yi's hostility. Right now, her brain was only filled with thoughts of the Immortal Spirit Fruit! Only after the Immortal Spirit Fruit had been refined into medication could she start to cultivate again and reach the pinnacle of strength!

Originally, Feng Wu was even laughing coldly inside. You guys won't let me follow you. Heh, it's not like I'd be happy to follow you!

But now she'd changed her mind.

Based on Jun Lin Yuan's intelligence and wisdom and also his cultivation, in addition to the young companions helping him, their probability of being able to obtain the Immortal Spirit Fruit was ninety percent, if not a hundred percent.

If she left like this, it's very possible that she won't have another opportunity

to obtain an Immortal Spirit Fruit in this lifetime. In that case, she could only be a mediocre Feng Wu all of her life, bullied by others, despised by others.

Would she be willing? No way!

That's why, she must follow these people and play it by ear! Seize any opportunity to obtain the Immortal Spirit Fruit! No matter what happened, this time, she must follow them!

"Arguing again?"

In the midst of this awkward atmosphere, a cold voice spoke.

"Boss Jun!" Feng Xun saw the young man descending from the air. His eyes instantly shined. Running and hopping vivaciously as he rushed over.

Feng Wu also subconsciously turned to that direction.

The young man's exceptionally meticulous appearance, a charming, godlike body, a unique temperament.

His aura was extremely powerful. The moment he appeared, he unconditionally commanded the leading position. Everything around him was eclipsed by his splendor and radiance.

Behind him, a ramrod straight figure followed, his silhouette was like an unsheathed cutlass, a profound middle aged butler. However, because of Jun Lin Yuan's powerful aura, he was practically ignored.


It's unknown when Jun Lin Yuan had arrived. It's also unknown how much he'd heard.

Feng Xun waited anxiously as he turned to Jun Lin Yuan. "Boss Jun, Little Fifth Feng* was trapped by you into Icebound Forest, then was taken by me again into Icebound Forest's interior. Right now, there's simply so way she could survive in Icebound Forest by herself, so she won't be able to leave. How about we bring her along? !"

(*TN: Feng Xun took Feng Wu to have the same last name as his, the Feng (风) which means 'wind', rather than the Feng (凤) which means 'phoenix'.)

Xuan Yi sneered as he held onto his sword. Young Third Feng was bound to be disappointed. What kind of person was their Boss Jun? An unfeeling, heartless person who wouldn't take another glance at other people dying in front of him. Hoping that he could arouse some sympathy? Simply ridiculous!

Jun Lin Yuan's bitingly cold pair of eyes shot a glance at Feng Wu. "You're not dead?"

Leaping out of the Flaming Cloud Hawk's ear and

ear and diving into the cliff, followed by charging into the deep pond, all of these motions were performed smoothly and naturally. Jun Lin Yuan couldn't help but have a deep impression of her.

Feng Wu inhaled deeply!

Sure enough, Jun Lin Yuan did see her previously. He merely chose to be completely indifferent to her existence, that's all.

Feng Wu knew, if at this time, she coldly laughed in a way that conveyed 'you seemed to hope that I'd died', Jun Lin Yuan absolutely wouldn't show any mercy as he threw her out. What did your life or death have anything to do with me?

That's why, she couldn't let her emotions affect her decisions! For the sake of the Immortal Spirit Fruit, she had better let feelings pass when she could!

Feng Wu breathed in a big mouthful of air, as she squeezed out a smiling expression on her face. "This is exactly what's called 'bound for good fortune after surviving a great disaster', I believe that my luck will be very good after this."

Jun Lin Yuan's pair of bitingly pair of bitingly cold, soul stirring eyes fixed on Feng Wu as if examining her from head to toe.

His gaze was serene and hidden in depth like an unsheathed sword, making people shudder.

The more Jun Lin Yuan was silent, the more the surrounding atmosphere became grave.

Xuan Yi smiled coldly. He knew it. It's impossible for Boss Jun to allow them to bring an outsider along.

Right when Feng Xun thought that the matter was hopeless, Jun Lin Yuan actually creased his dense eyebrows, and turned to Feng Xun to say indifferently. "You're responsible for the people you bring along."

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